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  1. SoljahofSensi

    2 questions on tuned S3 performance, top speed effect and max power on std rods

    Hi guys, First of all sorry for this post and apologies for anyone who thinks its chavvy, i'm a nutcase or should have searched the forum more :grinning: I'm interested on the effect more power has on our cars top speed. Its easier talk about 1/4 miles and record them, just wondered what the...
  2. SoljahofSensi

    Brake pad suggestions/recomendations

    Hi Guys, Didn't want to start a new thread but need to replace my front brake pads on the S3 (std brakes) and wanted some suggestions based on experience. I know loads of people rave about Ferodo DS2500's and I am tempted but not sure on the cost and I don't drive on the track, so looking for...
  3. SoljahofSensi

    Can anyone identify these alloys?

    Hi guys, as title really, can anyone tell me what bbs rims are on that golf in the vid below best seen at 1.51, dunno if i'm being dumb but to me it looks like super rs but with the split rim on the outside if that is even possible?
  4. SoljahofSensi

    Installing ICE question on Exterior door handle, what am i missing?

    Hi guys, need a bit of advice, i'm in the middle of installing some ice in my car. I got the passenger door card off easily, put some speakers on with adapters but took me longer to put back on, was doing by myself had fun with the locking pin and didn't realise until for about a 30 mins some...