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  1. thomas-a3

    Idling problems on 1.6 a3 sport

    Hi Guys Since buying the A3 earlier this month, ive had some idling issues. When cold starting the engine starts fine, then drops revs and will flap about a bit between 600 and 1200 rpm. If i put it into gear and try to move the car, unless reved hard, it will cut out. This is a recent problem...
  2. thomas-a3

    Brake disc size?

    Hi I am going to fit new brakes to the audi but my motor factors supplied 2 different sizes. My specific model is a 2001 1.6 a3 sport. I have the 208 solid discs and the 288 vented. Thanks
  3. thomas-a3

    Looking for inspiration!

    Hi guys. This is my 1st thread so go easy. I have recently bought a 2001 A3 1.6 sport. Been into the dubs scene for a while now but this is my first audi and also VAG car. Im looking for a bit of inspiration at to what to do with my audi. No looking for anything stupid because i am only a...
  4. thomas-a3

    Hello, New owner of a A3 1.6 sport

    Hello to everyone. Im a new owner of an Audi A3 1.6 Sport 2001. Brand new to audi's but have worked on them in the past in a VAG garage. Cant wait to get more involved in the forum. Regards Thomas