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    My A4 B6 Convertible to RS4 B7 Convertible conversion.

    i need to sort something out with my exhaust too looks strange the original with rear rs4 bumper and grill, kinda to small.
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    Glasgow based Cable purchase & VCDS tweaks for an A6 2014 ultra s-tronic avant

    Hi Tim, I'm also looking for one and live in Glasgow..... Could you please let me know if you can help? Thank Dean
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    where to buy

    Hi Nigel, I'm also interested in a cable please. Thanks
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    Thanks guys, I don't have a vag-com....but will get into a Gaurage .... Think it must be electrical, sorry if I wasn't clear, basically the servo motor works when plugged into the red linkage plug and play( both motors) but nothing when all plugged in and connected to green linkage.... Must be a...
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    Hi there, yes I believe there is power at the plug as when I plug in the servo it makes a very slow repositioning of itself.... This is only when plugged in but not linked up to the green linkage arm that controls the flap. I'm at a loss as not sure where to begin ??? When linked up basically...
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    Help anyone.... Not sure what to try next to get the motor working on the green linkage arm, suggestions please.....
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    Hi again, anyone got any suggestions on what to try next thanks
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    Hi all, I also had/have the same problem with my a4 convertible .... It's with the green servo motor, I bought a second hand one on eBay befor I knew about the cheap fix mentioned above, problem I still have is that once fitted still it doesn't work... I had all the same noises as the rest of...
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    Brake Warning Light

    Thanks mate, I'll try that and let you all know, I heard someone say you can by pass the wiring somehow to prevent the brake lights eps ect going on, is that true??? Thank
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    Brake Warning Light

    Thanks guys, I moved the ballest to the front of the engine away from the abs unit. It right beside the lights now, nothing visible to interfere with it now. BUT im afraid once I put the lights on again the same thing happened. I'm convinced it's to do with electrical issue, maybes surge in...
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    Brake Warning Light

    Thanks guys I'll try and let you know... What about the speedometer not working when the hid lights are on, but works when they re off??? Confusing I know??
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    Brake Warning Light

    Hi again, yes I did put the ballast for the HID Lights against a part of the engine near the window washer bottle. It's got kind of brake pipe coming out off it, and that's what I've rested it against??? You think thats the problem?? Cheers
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    Brake Warning Light

    Hi there, not sure??, where is the ABS UNIT in the engine compartment .... And would that make any difference ?? Cheers
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    Brake Warning Light

    I have an audi a4 convertible, and the exact same thing has happened to me. Not sure if it's linked to me fitting HID LIGHT kit the other day ??? But since then all the above lights have come on and also my speedometer has stopped working??? SOMEONE HELP!! what should I do?? This is really enoying
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    Brake Warning Light

    I have the same problem right now !!!! Help please
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    B7 Facelift onto B6 A4 Cabriolet

    Hi all , help required?? I've just done as described my b7 conversion but my new headlights don't seem to want to work properly??? Do they need recoded?? Thanks
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    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    Hi All im selling a complete front end off my audi A4 convertible, thats everything included (except engine) if intreseted call me for more details. 07932041771. Thanks Dean
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    Hi there , can you advise if i will need to have my lights re-coded, and what exactly that involves as i dont understand?? Basically i updated my cabrio B6 Audi to B7 facelift 2005-08 version, when i changed the headlights there is error faults and lights dont work properly at all?? help?? Thanks
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    few questions for a B7 facelift conversion on a B6 cabriolet, any help appreciated

    Anyone got advise on front lights upgrade?? Do they need to be reprogrammed or something and where can I get this done? Thanks