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  1. imotepify

    Q5 Q5 keeps cutting out?

    Hi guys, my dads Q5 keeps cutting out and losing all power while driving. This can happen at any time without any warning, can be very dangerous depending on where you are its a 2.0tdi on a 2015 plate. Has anyone had the same problems? Audi can't find or fix the problem :( Thanks for any help...
  2. imotepify

    Judder and sulphur smell

    Hi guys, just on our way out 4 a meal and the cel came on and then the DTM started 2 judder when accelerating and I could smell a strong smell of sulphur. I've switched the engine off and on a few times when the light began 2 flash then stayed off but still has the smell and judder. It's back...
  3. imotepify

    DTM break pads?

    Hi guys just had a break pad warning flash up on the DTM any ideas how much these cost or any part numbers?
  4. imotepify

    Rubber for the DTM

    Hi guys, can any of you recommend some good quality rubber for the DTM as need 2 replace all 4 soon :( think they are 235/40/18 have used Goodyear Eagles on other cars but have read that they are not recommended for the quattro so any help will be much appreciated, I know this question gets...
  5. imotepify

    Bouncing boot lid lol

    As above, now the weather is a lil bit colder the A4's boot won't stay shut or lock so gonna strip it down and see what's what at the weekend. Have any of you guys got the part number for a new latch? Thanks, Karl.
  6. imotepify

    Air Filter

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about getting a new filter for the DTM. Any ideas what's best, what have u got that will not cause problems with the car? (2.0T) Thanks, Karl.
  7. imotepify

    Dpe Cs7?

    Has any one fitted these 2 an A4 B7?
  8. imotepify

    Service Reminder

    Hi guys can you reset the service reminder yourself or will a garage be needed as have just changed the oil but its still flashing up SERVICE! lol Thanks, Karl.
  9. imotepify

    DTM tyre pressure?

    Hi guys, as above what pressure do you run yours at? Thanks, Karl.
  10. imotepify


    Hi guys, whats the best treatment/technique 2 keep the half leather Recaro's in tip top condition and can you recommend a wax for the silver paint? Thanks, Karl.
  11. imotepify

    Pick up pipe replacement cost?

    Hi guys, with all the bad news im thinking about replacing my pick up pipe but how much should it cost (DTM 2.0 tfsi BUL) and how many hours will it take at our local garage (roughly) might get them 2 change the cambelt, water pump and camchain is there any thing else I should replace while its...
  12. imotepify

    Boot mat shape

    Hi guys, im looking for a boot mat from Travall with a lip but looks like they only do them for the avant, will these also fit the saloon?
  13. imotepify

    Temp gauge probs?

    Hi guys, the temp gauge in the DTM looks as if its not working but after a while it creeps up 2 around 60ish so im thinking new sensor or stat? The car runs fine and pulls v well but im just wondering if this could end up over heating or not letting the fan cut it when it needs 2. So any...
  14. imotepify

    Picking up the DTM tomorrow!

    Gonna go get this in the morning if its all good!!!
  15. imotepify


    As above, where do the b7's rust most/first? My old avant had a small bubble just infront of the rear wheel arch but are any other areas a common problem?
  16. imotepify

    DSG shift lock override?

    Hi guys my dad has the dsg gearbox and was wondering if the car wont start or brakes down can you shift the car into N so you could push it out of the way, my old Hilux had a red button that you could press and shift into N but im not sure how its done on the dsg, any ideas?
  17. imotepify

    DTM advice

    Hi guys, after our bad luck with the 3.2 quattro (cam chain) we have found a nice DTM for sale that we are going to put a deposit on but are there any issues with the 2.0t engine we should look for? Thanks, Karl.
  18. imotepify

    AUDI A3 SPORTBACK S-LINE QUATTRO 2.0t Buying advice?

    Hi guys, I might go and have a look at the above but its over 4 hours from my house to get there and was just wondering if I should be looking for any known problems? How often should the cambelt and water pump be changed? Its only done 27000 miles and is a 2007 car but only has 2 stamps in...
  19. imotepify

    Travall boot liner?

    As above, do any of you guys use these and are they any good, the lip around the edge looks a bit shallow or do you find it deep enough? Thanks, Karl.
  20. imotepify

    What fuel in 3.2 v6

    As above guys do you use cheap fuel or go 2 BP or Shell ect and do you use the 97ron like V-power or BP ultimate? I Always use the better fuels even in our 20 year old hilux, our old car (V6 GSI) wouldnt run very well on low octane stuff. But have any of you found problems with different fuels...