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  1. TM

    Miltek exhaust for a4 2.0tdi 140bhp S line

    Lovely looking car. Are those 19' Speedlines? What are they wrapped in?
  2. TM

    18" Audi/BBS Speedlines

    Just looking for confirmation if these wheels appear to be genuine or reps please. I haven't seen them in the flesh so can only go from the pictures.
  3. TM

    weird irritating noise

    wheel bearing?
  4. TM

    Centre Armrest Clip

    I think there around £70. Mine also broke!!
  5. TM

    Sky Quote

    High crime rate area?
  6. TM

    S Line welcome inlays ?

    Sounds like the car has been subjected to water damage.
  7. TM

    They're not ashamed!

    IC codes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. TM

    They're not ashamed!

    Course not. Don't trust him as far as I can throw him!
  9. TM

    New Car, Which Mods, Help Me Decide... please.

    I think you need these
  10. TM

    Gary Speed RIP

    2 young kids too. Just shows its not all glitz and glamour. RIP
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    A6 4.2 04 onwards noob advice

    Lol. I think you'll find this forum useful for mainly A3's and A4's. Shame you couldn't find the information you were after, but this site is pretty dam helpful and friendly more than anything else. Over and out sonic :moa: Enjoy the BM.
  12. TM

    They're not ashamed!

    So I have my SB for sale. I've had a bit of interest over the last few weeks, but a lot wanting something for nothing. Anyway, I have it advertised in all the usual places, I also had some vinyl for sale signs made up which are prompting people to come up to me when I'm out and about, which is...
  13. TM

    Anybody in Wolverhampton/Walsall for VAG COM

    I've PM'd him a link to this thread. He's a sound lad, should pick it up soon.
  14. TM

    Anybody in Wolverhampton/Walsall for VAG COM

    You on about this lad
  15. TM

    A6 4.2 04 onwards noob advice

    An old joke springs to mind... BMW drivers - opposite to hedgehogs... pr**cks are on the inside.
  16. TM

    Sticker Opinions

    I'll get one sorted for you in the light tomorrow mate.
  17. TM

    Sticker Opinions

    I rock an S-line badge on the tailgate. I think it fits in well.
  18. TM

    Sticker Opinions

    I rep some subtle stickers on my rear quarters.. Also a ASN sticker on the back window but haven't got a pic as of yet.
  19. TM


    Welcome. Always liked the look of avants, yours looks like a nice one. Sort that wooden finish out tho :laugh: Makes me think of nasty old rovers.