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  1. Bigjase88

    S3 8v manual uprated clutch’s

    Just from their use in Motorsport most rally car’s use Helix, i have had 2 of them in road cars and they have been unreal. One of those used was to replace a Sachs Organic that couldn’t cope Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Bigjase88

    S3 8v manual uprated clutch’s

    If you want an uprated clutch you buy the best. You buy a Helix
  3. Bigjase88

    A3 S line standard alloys

    I just got my wheels powdercoated this week. £200 refurbed and gloss black. Look amazing. That was them taking the tyres off and putting them back on Not an 8Y but same colour schem and goes well with the chrome window strips Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Bigjase88

    My Audi A3

    Bought the car June 2020 before the massive inflation of car prices Mods so far Romac Venom 18” in gloss black powdercoat. Just had this done as the missus turned them into 50p pieces (she now has her own car phew!!) they were matt gunmetal Genuine Audi non-sline line sideskirts these were...
  5. Bigjase88

    Double clicking

    Still cannot load on iphone Currently via tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Bigjase88

    I Want To Sell My MK1 S3 2001 (low mileage)

    Stick it on Autotrader and pay for a decent ad with bigger pictures, should get a healthy sum for it
  7. Bigjase88

    Well the next A4 is being ruined with electrification

    Who knows, my car is parked on the road and I have no means to charge at home. electric isn’t the future.
  8. Bigjase88

    New S3 Carwow drag race

    Agreed if you don’t like it then move on. It is boring. Plus to be fair I do not think Audi will give a monkeys about the thoughts of a minority on an internet forum, what % sales comes from globally 0.00001%
  9. Bigjase88

    New S3 Carwow drag race

    Will do old timer
  10. Bigjase88

    AUDI S3 8P 2007. REVO Stage2+. Dolphin Grey FSH £2500 o.n.o.

    So whats the actual price then OP?
  11. Bigjase88

    A3 1.5L TFSI Jerking

    Auto’s actually use more fuel so the manual should be slightly better
  12. Bigjase88

    Anyone recognise this thing sticking out of the headlights?

    Its a bit of blue sponge or something from cleaning, get it pulled out
  13. Bigjase88

    normal suspension - 17 inch wheels or sports suspension

    I can’t even tell the difference so if comfort is the goal then pick the non sport suspension
  14. Bigjase88

    A3 1.5L TFSI Jerking

    My long term avarage on a 1.5 tsi manual was 37mpg over 13k miles not great
  15. Bigjase88

    A3 1.5L TFSI Jerking

    Correct there is no true “fix” but it is a horrible engine, lame and long geared, also sounds pants too. Offers zero driving joy thats for sure
  16. Bigjase88

    Diesel or not?

    It will be sound just take a decent run once a month or so
  17. Bigjase88

    Has anyone have experience with these aftermarket led headlights?

    I’m not sure that is correct, i had a SEAT Leon FR with LED’s and the beam angle was handed for RHD (higher on the left hand side with your bum in the drivers seat) check for youself next time against a garage door or such likes.
  18. Bigjase88

    Cam chain just let go.

    Wise decision
  19. Bigjase88

    Non S-line / RS3 optional side skirts

    I recently got these from Audi they are optional extra sideskirts for the non sline / RS3 8V i have never seen another set fitted and even when i asked Audi they had no pictures of them fitted to a 5 door. part number is 8V40716859AX they weren’t cheap, £310 for the skirts alone, then i had...