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    S4 discs, pads and shocks

    Hi buddy. Welcome to the joy of owning a S4. 1: Depends what power you are looking at getting stick with standard disks. Pads make all the difference so go for Ferodo or similar. Expensive but worth it. 2: The rear shocks are an easy job to do. You can get them from autodoc. 3: I changed the 4...
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    Suspension problem? 2 Solutions.

    Hi Guys, thanks for the info and measured up its M14. Ordered the whole set for £560 which is amazing considering the garage wanted as much just for the two bottom lower arms. Found this guide which is also great help with torque settings ect...
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    Suspension problem? 2 Solutions.

    Hi every one. The car has been to the garage for its annual service. The girl has only done 4k this year. I knew that both lower suspension arms were bit poorly. Now they are fully cracked and need replacing. I am more the happy to do all the work my self. I am not sure which kit to buy as i...
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    For Sale S4 B8.5 Side Mirrors

    No sorry, they are all packed and ready to be shipped. I could always get them for you but i think they will be different to the S3.
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    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    S4 B8.5 Mirrors.
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    For Sale S4 B8.5 Side Mirrors

    Removed from my S4 B8.5, fully working and good condition. Removed as purchased some power folding mirrors. Removed from the car with 50k on the clock. These are not power folding. £150 delivered. Thank you,
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    B8 passenger door lock issue

    Hi, had exactly the same issue on the drivers door. Stripped the whole assembly as posted on a different forum, cleaned up brushes ect and works like a charm now. Took a little while but didn't cost a penny.
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    DIY B8 Wireless Charger

    You got the link for the 10w wireless charger module? Easy and a good DIY!
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    Nav Update

    Yeah that is exactly what i meant Booboo, thank you. :icon thumright: If you have a read and still unsure, this guy made some videos: Bottom of the page there are two videos for update firmware and maps. Hope that helps.
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    Nav Update

    Did the update yesterday. Firmware and software. Took around 4 hours for both. Used an old class 4 SD card! Found the best guide below: Its a proper dummy guide...
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    S4 or 335d x drive

    B8.5 in UK was only with DSG... I would have got a manual otherwise but now i quite like it. I was always one of them who thought automatic box was poor as the automatic cars i have driven were very poor. How things change with time....
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    How to remove Service Due message

    Use the VCDS map and see who is close by. All the apps above are capable. Nothing worse then an annoying pop up lol :blahblah1:
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    LED Front Fogs B8.5

    Just use a allen key (spreads the weight). Fits well inside the hole and you can pull it well. I did the mod in summer so it was a lot easier. Audi are much better at design then bmw as everything was a pain to take off!
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    LED Front Fogs B8.5

    Changed to leds and what an improvement. They actually match the xenons now.
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    Help Please Newbie looking to purchase S4 b8.5

    Hi Andy, Welcome to the forum. I had a 135i E82 N54 as well before getting the S4 B8.5. Had a JB4 and lots of other mods on it. The car was a lot of fun. One of the reasons i changed to the S4 B8.5 was due to having a kid. The cars are perfect for one but i would advise maybe getting a avant as...
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    Map-Tech remap

    Hi Tom, One of the lads i know had his BMW 335D done there. He did do a print out dyno and a custom map. I did ask him and his quote came out very good. I will take the S4 there sometime soon and let you know.
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    S4 misfire

    As above. Get it scanned with VCDS. I have a problem with the S4 limiting the car to 4k rpm and after scanning it, found one of the oil sensors to be faulty. When it was replaced it was actually damaged. Good luck.
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    B8 S4 !

    The link for headlight adjustment above didn't work. Modifyed the link above as it was shown as a tumb Should work now. Another link: Found on...
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    Retro fit reverse camera

    Have a search on the forum. A few have done it including my self and i would say its not a hard job but a pain in the ****. There is a list of bits of one of the posts you also need VCDS to code it. Think it ended up around £400 with buying the unit from america...