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  1. Lowride

    Does tyre shine cause tyre dry rot / cracks and how to avoid it?

    Tyre dressing can cause cracks in the tyre. I heard this a very long time ago and thought it was nonsense but in the past two years I have actually read it on a manufacturer’s label i.e don’t apply without eye protection, don’t inhale etc. It was listed as a possible Personally I think for a...
  2. Lowride

    Clutch judder

    Hi, I have a 2005 2:0 TDI manual avant with 100k miles, had it since March and it pretty much has a FSH Three times in the last couple of weeks I’ve felt very noticeable judder through the clutch pedal in first gear and in reverse. I felt it on Sunday and Monday just gone then for the rest of...
  3. Lowride

    Strange bird poo.......

    Pigeon muck is a nightmare, what the hell do they eat!
  4. Lowride

    C**ts Who Damage Cars

    I hope this makes some of you feel better.. Going back about ten years I used to work with a lad who was very quiet but I just knew that he should'nt be mesed with. He had an RS Turbo and one night he was sat in it whilst a couple of his friends were in a takeaway. A guy came walking past the...
  5. Lowride

    Audi interior clean £50 very disappointing

    I used to valet at an Audi dealership as a sub-contractor. Agreed the standard is poor and that's a very high price for just an interior valet. I'm not saying this happened but what happened quite often is a car get's dropped on you out of the blue. Even if you booked it in in advance it does'nt...
  6. Lowride

    Bulbs blowing for fun!

    hi all, i wonder if you can help - my 53 plate a4 seems to be going through bulbs more frequently than it should. i've had it about 3 months and i've replaced one of the front headlight bulbs once, which is ok i guess, but the rear driving bulbs have gone 3 times and now both brake bulbs have...
  7. Lowride

    Weak Front Wiper Motor

    many thanks will give it a go!
  8. Lowride

    Weak Front Wiper Motor

    Hi Guys I recently purchased new front wiper blades from Halfords as my old ones were worn out. I took one of the old ones in with me to make sure I got the right ones. Since fitting the new ones the motor barely moves them across the screen and they often stop half way. I ASSUME the...
  9. Lowride

    Back and lookin for a DERV..

    Hey, I doubt many of you remember me, I used to stalk this forum a good two years ago. Since then I`ve owned a Peugeot Expert van and currently have a 20VT Passat Estate. I`m possibly looking to sell the Dub soon and find myself looking at 98-01 TDI A4`s and A6`s.. Any of you have the TDI...
  10. Lowride

    C*@ts! I mean "Premium" SUV drivers!

    At work we have a Jeep Commander in the showroom, it has had a full 'StarTech' bodykit fitted to it at an extra cost of around £7k. The standard Commander is a monstrosity but this is something else! It`s now got 22` rims, silver front and rear valences and sills, not forgetting the thing is...
  11. Lowride

    Met a special some one the other day.....

    Clarkson is a tw4t
  12. Lowride

    Ultimate Dubs

    I did have an A4 dropped 3` on A8`s, now I have a 20VT Passat Wagon. Might be on show at VW Players on Sept 30th if I get my finger out...
  13. Lowride

    Ultimate Dubs

    I went in my mate`s S3. I saw BigLockie in the traffic waiting to get in and we also saw a black A4 with stickers in the rear windows. Cheers cuz u let us in front of u. Pretty good show, some nice Audi`s on the Grounded stand, TT and A4 Cab both on air
  14. Lowride

    BMW Drivers

    I was driving to work on Friday and I saw an X5 waiting to turn across my lane and go down a side street. Only problem was that I had loads of cars in front of me and loads behind, none of us were going to let her out It made me so happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burn in hell BM drivers
  15. Lowride

    Polished Bliss vs Audi RS6 - The Full Works!

    Very good work lads. I was probably more impressed with the exhaust tips than anything else because I know what a pain they can be. At a rough guess I would have thought with two ppl on the car plus time and traveling the price would be around £250 ish
  16. Lowride

    A4 B5 Pics thread.

    8x18` rims mate dropped 100mm all round on FK AK coilovers. Thats all the way down at the back, fronts go lower but un-driveable!
  17. Lowride

    A4 B5 Pics thread.

    This bad boy is now roaming North Devon miss you xxxxxxxx :)
  18. Lowride

    New York City

    I went to NY in February 2001, one of the best things I`ve done in my life with-out-a-doubt. Its an awesome place, even snowed when we were there. We were stayin in Manhattan in a pretty nice hotel, I was 21 and with a loads of mates from college We were only there for 3 days which is nowhere...
  19. Lowride

    effin van drivers!!!!!!!

    I drive a white van, funny thing is.. Although I drive really well, hardly speed, always indicate etc. when I feel like it I turn into a pr1ck bcuz I know that nobody expects anything less !!!!!!!