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    bxe engine crap?

    the "bkc" and later "bls" 1.9tdi units seem unaffected from what ive read. we've had a touran in with the same problem recently..... advised him to kick off at gilders........ they came and collected it. dunno what happened or whether it was covered under warrenty tho.
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    Audi A3 2004 water in the cylinders

    yep ive had this afew times now. head cracked/porus round the inlet ports. when you get the head off, do check the piston height of 1 and 2 at tdc compared to 3 + 4!
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    A3 problem that even the main dealer cant sort out

    ^^ could be. on full lock the folds in the gaitor contact each other and can make a creeking/squeeking noise. doubt youd be able to hear it in the cabin with the windows shut?
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    A3 problem that even the main dealer cant sort out

    is there an anti viabration ring on the driveshaft? (looks like a dohnut halfway up the shaft) is that in place?
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    Clutch pedal fault??

    could you capture what it does on a video and post it up?
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    Clutch pedal fault??

    that sounds odd! cant say ive heard/seen that before. sorry, without seeing the car i couldnt really suggest anything that might be wrong.
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    Clutch pedal fault??

    lol. how long have you had the car? when did you notice it doing this? is it a new thing its doing? your description of the fault isnt very clear. are you just resting your foot on the pedal or actually pushing it down a touch?
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    Diesel Injector recall is it worth doing??

    its too dangerous to not have it done. you can be driving along happily at 80 on a motorway. the car seems to start missing a second before the glowplug light flashes for literally 2 seconds then it cuts out leaving you to try to coast it to safety with no power steering. obviously while...
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    bxe engine crap?

    no its definatly not a lack of oil in these engines that have caused them to let go. look at the top picture i posted in post no.10. that crank journal is totally unmarked! obviously as im not the owner of any of the cars ive swapped bxe engines on in the past.... i cant really report it to...
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    New to the Audi world advice needed ASAP

    no, im pretty anti-audi because i work on these cars everyday as im a tester and tech. "Maybe this 130k mile, 3k BM would do instead?" do insted? no, as those bmws are a far better car all round. and you could buy 4 of them with 12k! makes you think doesnt it! shoot me down if you like, but...
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    Just hit a curb...

    probably bent the wishbone and or the steering arm. should be obvious whats bent tbh.
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    New to the Audi world advice needed ASAP

    id stick to buying cars that are under 3k tbh. some really nice cars out there for that price that are far more reliable that these a3s and best of all you'll never have to visit an audi dealer! you say you like bms? BMW 330D SE SILVER - 02 REG - 129K MILES - ****** PRICE NOW REDUCED ****** | eBay
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    DPF filter advise

    constant stop start traffic wont be good for it. the soot level will keep building. this journey of yours could you not do any detours once a week to allow the conditions for it to regen.? if not and your keeping the car, a delete and remap is your best bet long term.
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    Look what happened when the jack slipped !

    the picture is a little rubbish, has it actually cut a slit into the sill (as in a hole) or not?
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    Look what happened when the jack slipped !

    naaaa. im a tester, you wouldnt pick up on a tiny skim of filler on such a localised area on a sill ever with it. infact i havent picked up the corrosion hammer since the last ford ka i tested about 2 months ago!
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    Look what happened when the jack slipped !

    its a scratch and a little dint isnt it? last thing you want is welding on a sill on a 5 year old car. welding encorages rust, it heats up the surrounding metal disturbing the original paint and will melt the wax off the panel on the inside. touch it up with primer and colour and leave it.
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    2.0 tdi cambelt and waterpump replacement cost

    doing it with genuine parts at trade price plus £45ish for myself in labour on my drive the weekend before last. cost xtremedetailz £220 including waterpump. took me about 2 hours inc coffee/fag breaks. beat that. shows the profit audi makes doesnt it!?
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    Does anyone know????

    no, i mean you know it says two faults relating to b2s1 sensor. you asked which sensor it was? a way to tell is to unplug a sensor. the sensor will be open circuit with it unplugged. on reading the fault memory again it'll say "b2s1 sensor open circuit"! then you know thats the correct sensor...
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    Driving s3 without propshaft temporarily

    it wont hurt it at all. its primarily fwd anyway. only problem i can think of is that obviously the traction control, esp, haldex etc wont be aware of the missing prop shaft. but if your just tootling about in it i dont think it'll cause any problems.
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    Coolant temp sensor help

    is this a bkd engine? i think the g83 is in the plastic housing that holds the thermostat in or in the lower hose to the radiator?