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  1. Graham89

    Help with a Suzuki vitara!

    First off i apologies if this is in the wrong section! Hi there. I have a little off road toy that needed a head gasket change. I have fone that and went to start her up tonight but its just cranking over not even attempting to start or even splutter. have put it all back together and...
  2. Graham89

    Polo 1.4tdi pd Vs Corsa 1.7cdti

    Polo without a doubt.
  3. Graham89

    remapped A3 140 tdi

    I'd definitely say turbo. Mine used to do this (same as yours tdi 140). Changed turbo and noise went away. Do it sooner rather than later to prevent the engine running away on its own oil. The oil feed pipe must also be renewed when changing turbos.
  4. Graham89

    Genuine or replica rs6's?

    Hope someone can help me. I have bought a set of 4 RS6 alloys 18's and wondering if they are real or reps. My first impression was replicas due to price I paid for them. However on the back of the spokes it has the name 'Ronal' and also has an Audi badge along with the size etc. is this a sign...