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  1. gtiboy

    Cambelt change - 2001 2.5 tdi Allroad

    He did mine last week and i went down from Leeds ! did the full cambelt and all other bit that should be done whilst the car is having open heart surgery.The car used 1/4 tank on the way back and also heats up to the magical 90 degrees within 3 miles it has never done either of these since i...
  2. gtiboy

    2001 2.5 TDI Quattro Auto

    Fuel pump is the achillies heel of this model so make sure its done or leave money in the kitty to rectify the problem , apart from that car iss a huge car with great torque and also specification. Happy hunting!
  3. gtiboy

    Just bought A6 Avant 130 1.9tdi 2003 - Amulet Red

    would appreciate the part number and if its possible a picture? thanks in advance
  4. gtiboy

    Chris i need my timing belt doing easter time could you let me know how much and also what sort...

    Chris i need my timing belt doing easter time could you let me know how much and also what sort of time scale you need the car for ? Satty (Leeds)
  5. gtiboy

    Rear washer problem

    Sorted guys stripped the rear door interior panel and had a look as it was wet in the rear. Found the leak and reattached the pipe onto the rear mechanism . Job done ! Thanks for the input everyone !
  6. gtiboy

    Rear washer problem found this thread but its thrown me off as everyone is saying it goes from the passenger footwell to the back but the link says its comming from the hinges at the top ?
  7. gtiboy

    Rear washer problem

    Does anyone have any pictures of the pipe or what colour it is ? mines stopped working too needs to sort it out in this tropical weather we are encountering :hubbahubba:
  8. gtiboy

    Door not shutting

    With the door open there are two screws at the top one on the lock side and one on the opposite side unscrew then pop out the window switches with a blunt instrument from behind and the whole window switch plate should come out . Then simply lift and it should slide out easily . Surprising how...
  9. gtiboy

    Help Please..... Mind Blowing Rs3 Trim Job :)

    MJ has done work for me for the last 20+ years i have trusted him with some very intricate and precise jobs and Junior as he is known is always produces . He did some golf MK2 Recaro seats for my MK1 golf about 15 years ago and the interior still looks like the day he did it .
  10. gtiboy

    wet carpet

    After siphoning out and using rags I used newspaper with a little weight on it for absorption then used cheap rice (yes rice ) to absorb what was left . Worked a trat but you have to remember that the soundproofing is extremley thick so it will take a while to dry out especially with the weather...
  11. gtiboy

    wet carpet

    Check the drainage holes under the battery in the plenum chamber ? Common Audi fault and one i have experienced a few years ago (Leaves make you paranoid after you have experienced this ) Google "plenum chamber blockage audi"
  12. gtiboy

    Allroad ABT Sportsline 2.5 tdi !

    That looks awesome Chris ! Are you happy with it now ?
  13. gtiboy

    What tyres for 18" alloys on a6 quattro sport

    Just to close this thread off i sourced some Micheline Sport pilot in 225/40/18 put them on the other day ! just need to get some centre emblems now (never ending )
  14. gtiboy

    Pics of your A6

    After owning the car for nearly 2 years i have now managed to get it looking like how i wanted it !
  15. gtiboy

    VW Festival Leeds

    I will be there on Sunday will be great to see you !
  16. gtiboy

    What tyres for 18" alloys on a6 quattro sport

    I have just managed to source some 9 spoke 18 inch quattro sport alloys for my 2.5 tdi sports quattro. The question is what size tyres are you all running ? thanks in advance
  17. gtiboy

    C5 A6 2.5tdi cut out and won't restart

    I fear you may be correct i had the same fault codes for my AKE engine 2.5 TDI quattro sport . Get a second opinion first though ? Where are you based ? Diesel Bob is the Company i used to recondition my pump hence saving on recoding the binnacle ! good luck
  18. gtiboy

    my dolphin grey s3

    Those wheels are looking sweet as mate! How much for the fat fives ?(inbox if you want ?)
  19. gtiboy

    2.5 TDI: Fuel Injection Pump - Replacement? Reconditioned Unit?... Cut my losses!?

    £500 is rich money for a seond hand pump whe Diesel bob can recon your pump and fully guarantee it for Approx £600 ish for that he also replaces the ecu for the unit . this then gives you the the peace of mind that the pump is correct and true to the tolerances it should be within. When i had...
  20. gtiboy

    my dolphin grey s3

    Need some wheels myself not selling any or you dont know anywhere thats got a good set of OEM wheels?