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  1. TomL83

    Alloy wheel cleaner

    Cheers for the advice. Will get some Iron X and some normal alloy wheel cleaner.
  2. TomL83

    Alloy wheel cleaner

    Iv recently had my alloys powder coated and I'm looking for a good spray on alloy wheels cleaner. Iv seen a lot of these iron x products which look good but are these OK for regular use. I probably wash my car once a month and the pressure washer gets rid of most of the build up of dirt but it...
  3. TomL83

    Alloy wheel wax/sealant recommendations

    My Audi A3 alloys have gone in for a refurb. I'm getting them done in a powder coat finish and I'm looking at getting a wax or sealant to protect them. Can anyone recommend something for a powder coat finish? Iv had poorboys wheel sealant before which was ok but is there anything better out there?
  4. TomL83

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    My scuba blue A3 sportback washed then waxed with Autoglym high definition wax
  5. TomL83

    Cleaning inside and outside of windows

    What does everyone use to clean the inside and outside of their windows?
  6. TomL83

    Scuba Blue A3 Saloon Detail

    I have a scuba blue A3 Sport back and I wish I could get mine that clean.
  7. TomL83

    Chrome tailpipe cleaning

    Can anyone recommend the best way to clean chrome tailpipes.
  8. TomL83

    Show Us Your Snow Foam Pics

  9. TomL83

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Here's mine
  10. TomL83

    Best car wax for scuba blue?

    Bank account is already empty as Iv just had to buy a new oven so a little pot of dodo juice wax when I get paid is about all I can afford at the moment.
  11. TomL83

    Best car wax for scuba blue?

    Yeh Iv seen those small pots and might get a couple to try out the different waxes
  12. TomL83

    Best car wax for scuba blue?

    Yeh Iv been reading through previous threads. Still lots of info to digest. A friend has just recommended Autosmart wax so I'm looking into that now.
  13. TomL83

    Best car wax for scuba blue?

    What's the best wax to get for my scuba blue A3 sportback. Seen dodo juice purple haze which is a soft wax or there's dodo juice blue velvet which is a hard wax. There's so much choice and I don't know what to get.