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  1. Partyvan

    Someone with VAGcom in Nottingham area?

    Hi can anyone point me in the right direction? I have an A4 B7 and want to turn the seatbelt warning tone off. I believe I need VAG com for this. Nottingham area. Thanks
  2. Partyvan

    Ben's A4 B7 project - lowered, ICE'd daily smoker

    Hi guys I'm Ben, I'm 31 and from Nottingham. I do a lot of track days and Nurburgring trips, but this is my new daily 2005 Audi A4 avant 2.0 TDi (BLB engine) Plans are to lower it, ICE it and see if I can get mega miles out of it! It's the 2.0 16v BLB diesel engine. Which has two awful...
  3. Partyvan

    What headlights are these? (B7)

    They look aftermarket? Thanks in advance
  4. Partyvan

    Do I have DMF and / or DPF?

    Hi guys It's a 2005 A4 B7. BLB engine. Do I have DMF and/or DPF? Thanks
  5. Partyvan

    2.0 TDi BLB engine - any issues other than oil pump, head + injectors?

    As title really, in a 2005 A4 B7 Just wondering if once i've got my oil pump upgraded if I can assume there should be no other nasty surprised in store? Is it a good unit, these faults aside? Thanks
  6. Partyvan

    Hi everyone

    Hi guys I'm new Just bought a B7 A4 avant which I plan on tastefully modifying into a well specc'd daily driver! Thanks Ben
  7. Partyvan

    Which of these 4 options would you choose? Advice please!

    Hi guys I'll keep this as short as possible! I've bought a very cheap 2005 B7 A4 Avant 2.0tdi with the BLB engine There are no untoward noises from any part of the engine and the turbo boosts fine, but the low oil pressure light has just come on. My options appear to be: 1) Pay a trusted...