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  1. Daveburgess

    Has anyone used this colour?

    Hi all I’ve been re-furbing my alloys all day and have been looking at potential colours. Originally I wanted to go for gloss black however I like the look of this dark bronze now. Has anyone used a similar colour or knows where I could get it? Also let me know your thoughts if the style of...
  2. Daveburgess

    Wheel and tyre size

    hello all I have just bought some alloys off eBay which are 18” and the tyres are 245/40 8j with an ET of 47 I was told there were genuine Audi A4 alloys and wondered if they would fit to my little 1.6 a3 2006 Would I need to get 225/40r18 tyres on them to fit the car and would these fit the...