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    Post whore!

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    Officially "snowed in" I guess

    Not snowed in for a while here. :( Maybe because of the
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    Super Leeds United!!!!!

    even the 5 mins 'Fergie time' couldn't save ManUre.... :laugh: Well done Leeds.
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    PSA Texting while Driving - Warning: Disturbing content

    straight to the point video.
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    whats 20p worth???

  6. abdus

    Michael Jackson - RIP

    What a legend he was. Peado or not, he still has the best selling album of all time, and that just shows how good he was.
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    Driving with Lights on in the Daytime

    I read somewhere that in 2012, all cars will be required to have their lights on while driving, even during the day. I think soem European countried already have this law. what is worse though is that drivers who don't bother putting their lights on until it io pitch black. Their reason is...
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    Knew the economy was bad but now this???

    did BA pay the 30,000 workers between 1 week and 1 month's bonus when it was making profits?
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    new addition

    Congrats to the new mum and dad and the family :) What a feeling it must have been :) Wish you all well esp the mum. She also needs the care at this time ;) not only the baby :p
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    Footy: Christiano Ronaldo for £80M!!

    they are the world's richest club according to some top 20 list it's actually £250m
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    vag specialist

    4rings excellent service.
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    Most unlikeable team of players...

    definitely have a special place this one is a special case. Whether you like ManUre or not, like the guy or not, he was amazing and has charisma
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    What inspired your name on audi-sport?

    Hi, my name is Abdus
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    Most unlikeable team of players...

    Ronaldo is like school in July. No class
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    Champions League Final!

    seriously though, I know he is the 'king' of mind games, but coming out and claiming that Benitez has net spent more than him in the transfer market is just ridiculous imo. And the best one yet: Benitez is arrogant and humiliated the sad chap that is Allardyce because of the hand gesture he...
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    Champions League Final!

    Andy, you are in a world of your own. Trust me on that one :p
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    Champions League Final!

    Liverpool not winning the title this year is not because of Rafa's rant. It was mainly due to bad team performance against 'lower' teams where draws were not enough and also IMO, the problem with the owners regarding contracts etc....
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    Champions League Final!

    lol, was just pulling some legs :) Barcelona was actually better only after scoring that goal. Before that, ManU were all over them
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    Most unlikeable team of players...

    and also (in his own words): lol