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    Hi welcome to the forum! If it has central locking and you use the key...both your 2 doors and trunk are supposed to lock/unlock when you lock/unlock the car with the key....thats central locking.
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    Beckhams Penalty ball on ebay

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    New newbie!

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    What headlight bulbs??

    Still the questions about "where do you get them and how much" has not been answered
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    Another Exhaust Why Oh Why Oh Why

    whats up yáll LOL
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    Proud New A2 owner.

    Hey welcome
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    Can you beileve it, another new member!!!

    Hey welcome m8
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    Removing Concert 1 Radio Cassette

    lmao nice story Now its my turn to remove it lol....already broke a few fingers and left a few scars on my deshboard...itdoesnt wanna come out. Tommorow ill try it with a few grenades
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    Some pics of my (still) standard A3T :)

    Yeah i will I cleaned them with some cheapo cleaner worked quite well
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    rear wiper stuck

    what will the price of that be?
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    Some pics of my (still) standard A3T :)

    Yeah its coppermine photo gallery
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    Some pics of my (still) standard A3T :)

    I've converted them to a little gallery: There u can see the pics If people want i can make an account for you and you always will have a location to store your pics
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    Some pics of my (still) standard A3T :)

    Not yet..its really stuck..and since i am going for a 2 week holiday with it this saturday i will take it to the dealer...they can sort it some countries you can get phat ticktes for a defect wiper
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    how old are you ??

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    Aaaahhhkk! another Audi site gives me a headache!!

    Yeah true...i havent been here long but i have to say that the community is very friendly. I just hate the flaming forums...too much of them already. People dont even dare to ask something because they are affraid to be flamed.
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    rear wiper stuck

    LOL ok thanks guys Ill go see what i can do...since its not moving at all..:S
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    rear wiper stuck

    Hey guys, My rear wiper is stuck as you can see on this pic: is it possible to fix this easy? anyone had it before? can i just pull it back below...since it's really stuck im affraid to break there an easy way to remove it so i can...
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    Drivers Attitude

    Well where i come from we dont ignore it. We get out of the car and beat the [censored] out of the people who think they are like a charm
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    arggggg! A3T alarm problems :(

    That would be crap..ill have it checked...if it indeed has no alarm at all...ill have 1 fitted...the place where i live the most expensive car was a ford fiesta from isnt anymore..i think i will be needing an alarm