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  1. a3tdi2001

    £1million or £50k a year for life?

    What would you rather have? A million pound tax-free lump sum or 50,000 before tax per year for life?
  2. a3tdi2001


    Nothing against them, but should they really be exposing themselves on prime time telly farting in the back of a van? I don't think they're doing themselves any justice. Coppers - Channel 4 9pm
  3. a3tdi2001

    Cheapest insurance?

    Hi. Just interested in who, if anyone, is getting good deals on their car insurance these days? I used to pay £186 a couple of years ago on a 306 DT and remember the broker at the time saying that they don't really see those prices any more. Since then my cover has increased. Lowest price...
  4. a3tdi2001

    S Line kit?

    Did the A3 come with the option of this S Line kit when new? 2004 54 AUDI A3 3.2 QUATTRO SPORT 6 SPEED DENIM RARE FACTORY S LINE KIT FADSH | eBay
  5. a3tdi2001

    Tony Bliar and his 2.6% tax bill...

    So Tony Bliar pays £315k tax on £12million income. That's 2.625%! Pay as little tax as Tony Blair - Yahoo! Finance UK
  6. a3tdi2001

    Scratchcards - Anyone sell them?

    A strange request, but just wondering if anyone here works or has worked in an outlet that sells National Lottery scratchcards?
  7. a3tdi2001

    Audi introduce new DRL's for 2012

    Anyone else seen the new DRL lights due for introduction in 2012? Designed to "further differentiate the brand from other automotive manufacturers". What are your thoughts?
  8. a3tdi2001

    Driving Licence Scam

    I've just been robbed of £20 by the DVLA for copying my passport photo onto my driving licence card. Robbery.
  9. a3tdi2001

    Genuine RS4 17 PCD 100?

    H Just wondering if Audi ever made the earlier RS4 alloys in the above size?
  10. a3tdi2001

    Dislike given.

    Hi. Is there a way to remove a "dislike given" from your unblemished profile which was given by some crackpot in response for making a small joke on a thread?
  11. a3tdi2001

    Any chance of some prices?

    Hi Wonder if you'd be able to price these for me? 1J0411315J - ARB LINK 1J0411314R - ARB BUSH 1JO411336D - ARB CLIP And P&P too please. Thanks very much
  12. a3tdi2001

    Changing name and gear

    Hi just wondering how you would change your name on here if you bought a new car? Also how do folk change the bit below their name? I've been stuck in "1st gear" for too long:)
  13. a3tdi2001

    Speed nuts.

    Not story about mad driving. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of somewhere online that sells the screws and fasteners that hold the undertray on? I've tried searching ebay but maybe they're called something else?
  14. a3tdi2001

    Radiator - Nissens?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences, good or bad, with a replacement Nissens radiator? Was about a third of the price quoted from the dealer so decided to go for one.
  15. a3tdi2001

    Wishbone bushes

    Hi just wondering if anyone has replaced their wishbone bushes on the front using a vice or other method and if so how easy are they to push onto the arms. Can't find a good "how to" for this. Cheers.
  16. a3tdi2001

    Not selling, just wonder what it's worth...

    I've owned this for a while now and in the spirit of the ASN site thought I'd ask everyone what they think it's worth? Cheers:)
  17. a3tdi2001

    Lower exterior trim removal

    Hi just wondering if anyone can tell me how the lower trim strips come off. After removing the two screws on the door, does the strip slide forwards or back? Also do the strips on the bottom of the wing and the rear quarter have fasteners and which way do they slide? Finally is the...
  18. a3tdi2001

    Clutch bleeding

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has replaced the fluid in the clutch without using a pressure bleeding system? I'm planning on using a non-return valve on a pipe attached to the bleed nipple and trying it that way. Is there any reason why this wouldn't work, or is there a better way without buying a...
  19. a3tdi2001

    Rear washer delay

    Hi Just wondering if it's normal for there to be a delay of a couple of seconds before the water comes out or is it normally instant? Cheers.
  20. a3tdi2001

    Oil consumption in cold weather

    Hi just wondering does a car sometimes use a bit more oil in very cold weather with cold starts etc?