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  1. Graham89

    How big is your nest

    I was on a plumbing job having to remove the F&E cistern and stumbled across a mahoosive nest. There was roughly 10-15 wasps all at once around me but going for the lead light I was using. I ran across the rafters and literally jumped out the loft like a girl. Unplugged the light and put the...
  2. Graham89

    My '500' Kettlebell Work Out

    Congratulations so far! I too have started the weight loss regime. I managed to loose 1 and a half stone last year. I'm going for my next 1 and a half this year. Its amazing how much further you can push yourself with a little training.
  3. Graham89

    Anyone use GiffGaff mobile network?

    Think I might give it a go. I want an iPhone 5 but nobody knows when it'll be out. I don't want to upgrade to a 4s in 2 months time only to find the 5 comes out in September time. So for the few months between my contract end date and the release of the 5 I might try the giffgaff. I've already...
  4. Graham89

    Anyone use GiffGaff mobile network?

    As above really. I currently have an iPhone 4 and its nearing the end of the contract (2-3 months) Now do I renew my contract for the new iPhone 4S or leave my current contract with Orange and get a Sim only package from GiffGaff GiffGaff do something like £10 top up gives you 300 minutes any...
  5. Graham89

    Word Association Game .. . . .

    London riots