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  1. dreddg

    Colour Coding

    HI all Just wondering, how easy is it to colour code all the grey/black bits on my A6? As I have seen some peoples bumpers and trim start to crack and peel off, any advice much appreciated. THANK YOU
  2. dreddg

    Lacquer peeling!!!!

    Hi All Just wonder if someone on here can recommend a cure for my problem...( No not that one I have seen the Just around the rear of the roof near the roof rail I have noticed that the lacquer is peeling and some has come off, is there anything i can do to prevent more coming off...
  3. dreddg

    retro-fit headlight washers???

    Hi all This is one for the experts, some dunce in a car park has left me needing a new front bumper!!!!!! NOW is it possible if I get a front bumper with the washer system attached that I can just plumb it straight into my car that hasnt got the system as standard??? Or does anyone have a...
  4. dreddg

    Retro fit Xenon????

    Hi all Been thinking of fitting one of the aftermarket kits that have been discussed on here "hids4u", but I was wondering if it is possible to fit OE parts???? Any comments will be much appreciated
  5. dreddg

    Phatbox and speaker upgrade

    Ok After reading a number of threads about phatnoise I am now thinking of making the I am getting tired of my cds skipping when passing over speed tables/ a few questions 1. Will the phatnoise skip when hitting bumps/ potholes? 2. I already have cd mounted in the...
  6. dreddg

    What brand of disc????

    Hi all I am after peoples opinions and expertise in choosing my next set of discs & pads !!!!! I know that drilled and grooved is the way...but there are so many companies saying their discs are better So please fellow ASn ers can any of you help be it EBC, Black diamond Tar-Ox I am starting...
  7. dreddg

    DNA tuning

    Hi all Has anyone used this company??? If so was it a success or failure?? Please let me know Thanks
  8. dreddg

    Brake caliper paint???

    Hi all I am going to change my discs and pads on my A6, seeing as i have 18" alloys and the calipers are a bit , can anyone recommend a good caliper paint that dries quickly??? I was thinking of smoothrite any other suggestions will be appreciated
  9. dreddg

    remove front bumper on a 1998 A6

    Hi all Can some one please help, how do i remove my front bumper?? Since lowering my car i got caught on a kerb and it has pulled the front bumper up and out I need to inspect the damge and since if it can be either repaired or replaced.....hope fully repaired !! I have posted this on the...
  10. dreddg

    1998 avant front bumper- help

    Hi all Can anyone shed some light on how to remove front bumper?? As i caught the underneath on a low kerb and it has pulled it forward about 1inch and I want to check for damage !!! Many thanks George
  11. dreddg

    18 inch RS6 alloys

    Hi all Can some one please confirm if this part number and et number will be fine on my 1998 A6 avant???? As a friend of mine has a full set for sale, totally genuine no replicas... 8EO 601 025 AD 8.0J X 18H2 ET43 RONAL 1291 Many thanks
  12. dreddg

    Navigation cd's??????

    Hi All Does anyone know a good place to get some original audi cds??
  13. dreddg

    concert stereo to satnav

    Hi all To those that have helped with info, THANK YOU I have just fitted a satnav to my 1998 A6 avant and it is awesome. Many people have asked if it can be done, and whats involved, well be prepared as it can cost a bit to convert What I needed to do the conversion is as follows:-...