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  1. Andy1608

    Purple s3 drooooool

    I agree with been over priced
  2. Andy1608

    Brake fade. I think

    Was this an attack at your large frame phil? lol
  3. Andy1608

    One lucky s3 driver!

    Bet his bum was twitching like a rabbits nose
  4. Andy1608

    POLL: Car color choice: I'm gonna paint it!

    What's your favourite colour then you have it. There is lots of nice colours already mentioned
  5. Andy1608

    Stolen RNS-E unit, Scotland

    That is ridiculous. That's going to near enough write off some audi's and even more so when they age more
  6. Andy1608

    Stolen RNS-E unit, Scotland

    That is ridiculous. That's going to near enough write off some audi's and even more so when they age more
  7. Andy1608

    Just had 09 S3 clocks fitted into my 06 2.0T

    Lewis just buy an S3 lol
  8. Andy1608

    My first Audi :)

    Very nice. Miss mine. I'll have another one day
  9. Andy1608

    Remove door card

    It's different, different is good. If you like it keep it, your the one who sits in your car the most and to be honest your really the only one plus passengers who will see it
  10. Andy1608

    Jonathan's A3 TDi Thread.

    Good write up on this thread. Great job you've done.
  11. Andy1608

    Buckets are they a straight swap?

    Think if you search for buckets a there will be a few threads on them. Not sure on the answer so giving my best advise
  12. Andy1608

    Brand New S3 Instrument Dash - what to do with it??

    Yeah I'd refuse to pay for the S3 one, I'm surprised a dealership even asked if that's what you wanted. When I worked in the motor trade it was fit which part number the computer said and nothing else when it came to things like that
  13. Andy1608

    Audi Dealership VAG-COM-VCDS

    There Is plenty of forum users who would help you out. I'd imagine a dealership if they could do it would charge you a lot more
  14. Andy1608

    Java Green S3

    Think you'd very waiting a while for one to come up. Rare as rocking horse ****. Think it's about a £3-£4K optional extra so not many around at all
  15. Andy1608

    RS3 grill Group Buy

    Lots of good looking grilles going on
  16. Andy1608

    Java Green S3

    Java green is available on any audi. It's an audi exclusive colour from factory.
  17. Andy1608

    Java Green S3

    Yeah I had the pleasure of been one of the few previous owners. Too thirsty for my driving. Miss the colour by best decision I ever made getting rid of it though and glad that your now enjoying it.
  18. Andy1608

    Pentagon Supaglass... Theft prevention... Thoughts!?

    I'd like it if it guaranteed me against theft but let's be honest it's going to slow them down. If they have time they will F your car up even more to get in really won't they. Or if they decide they are annoyed by your attempt to stop them so think, why don't we smash all there windows and...
  19. Andy1608

    Finially got my new wheels fitted

    I say it all the time. It's different and I like different but this time I don't like different. I think NHN is correct with too much silver. From a distance they look like them metal bin lids. Horrible to say and sorry cause I'm sure they cost more than metal bin lids. If you like them though...
  20. Andy1608

    STOLEN AUDI..found

    Not another. Hope you get it back or maybe get the closure your after cause can't imagine you really want it back now