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  1. A3 NICK

    AGU Injector Seals

    Hi All, I am urgently looking for some injector seals for my AGU injectors, does anybody know the part number or where i could get them from directly? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. A3 NICK

    1 Week till remap day!

    Good Morning! Only one week untill i take the long trip up to R-tech and damn am i excited :jump: Going to do a full service before i head up, wanted to ask what oil most people are using? Im currently using Castrol GTX 5w 40 part synthetic. Can i use a fully synthetic oil? And is there anyone...
  3. A3 NICK


    Hi all just fitted my new cambelt, done the whole sodding thing then realised the crank has gone one tooth past TDC :banghead: Is this ok as its only advanced my timing by a small amount? This shouldn't cause any damage to valves should it? but will it affect the torque band? should I set it...
  4. A3 NICK

    Fuel Pump upgrade

    Hi All Car is going in for stage 2 map in a couple of weeks so am thinking about changing the fuel pump before i go and get it done. Should i just replace it with an oem one from GSF (£87) Or is there anything anyone can suggest as a worthwhile upgrade which would be a straight swap?Don't want...
  5. A3 NICK

    Vauxhall C20LET 2.0L CalibraTurbo injectors

    Hi All, Just have a quick question about some injectors i have got. I have got a set of 349cc Vauxhall C20LET 2.0L CalibraTurbo injectors (Yellow) When i called up Rtech these are the ones they told me to get for stage 2 on my KO3s. Now will these just be a direct replacment or will i need...
  6. A3 NICK

    8J Alloys

    Hi all Just wondering if 8J alloys would fit my 98 A3 without spacers? If I do need spacers what size would be best? Tyres that are going on will be 225/45/17. Thanks all!
  7. A3 NICK

    Could this be causing no boost?

    Hi All, went for a drive this morning and noticed my boost gauge was only reaching 5 psi :wtf: obviously I started panicking immediately! Looked under the bonnet and found this! Am I right in saying that those wires are going to the N75 valve? Also has anyone ever seen this happen before? should...
  8. A3 NICK

    K03s upgrade time advice needed!

    Right i have finally got my hands on a K03s :D i am in need of some advice now though. The turbo has blown its oils seals so need to be changed but i cant decide whether to buy the rebuild kit and do it myself or get it rebuilt and refurbed by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Does...
  9. A3 NICK

    Is this the right turbo for my car??

    Hi Guys, I am looking at getting my car ready for Stage 2, i Have a 1998 A3 1.8T just running a standard KO3 turbo, 3inch downpipe, Decat, Milltek Exhaust, Forge 008p dv, K&N induction kit and stage 1 revo MAP. The Turbo i am looking at is part number KO3-053 is this the correct upgrade to my...
  10. A3 NICK

    Help Im new! Need a new clutch!

    Hi All! I am indeed a newcomer to this forum so i apologies if any of you have had to answer a question like this before. Well I have just had my 1998 1.8t remapped and surprise surprise the clutch has just started slipping, So i guess its that time and i need to fit a new one. I have looked...