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  1. Gary_LB

    Facelift So long, farewell..

    Looks awesome. Congrats!! You have to love collection day
  2. Gary_LB

    Moved on,,,,,again.

    Some of us are simply car enthusiasts rather than brand loyalists :racer:
  3. Gary_LB

    Facelift So long, farewell..

    That’s a lovely looking car! Congrats! Any interior pics? I bet it’s a lovely place to be
  4. Gary_LB

    Facelift Moving on from the S3...

    Congrats on the purchase! I’d certainly be interested in seeing some pics of the ST when it arrives and hearing some of your initial impressions
  5. Gary_LB

    Equity invite from Audi

    I'd call Audi Finance and get your settlement figure beforehand so you can go in armed and ready to negotiate
  6. Gary_LB

    Valet parking driver goes joyriding in customer's S3

    The issue being that for every guy who gets fired there will be plenty more who do the same thing. There are a number of similar stories out there Moral of the story is to give yourself more time and use the mid or long term parking if you need to save money
  7. Gary_LB

    Valet parking driver goes joyriding in customer's S3

    Agreed. There are so many similar stories I’m surprised anyone uses these drop off services.
  8. Gary_LB

    S3 gone.....A5 here

    Congratulations, looks like a lovely motor you have there. I agree on the interior lighting I have mine set to blue also
  9. Gary_LB

    Facelift Misses bumped it!

    oh nightmare! This is why I am glad that my Mrs doesn't drive......not so good when i need a lift though!