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    exhaust cleaner any ideas?

    Another vote for autosol here
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    Swirl marks etc

    Hi schoey, thanks for the heads up, hadn't seen that! Is the dodo juice DA any good? anyone who owns one/tried one have any opinions? Think I will have to treat myself after pay day.....
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    Swirl marks etc

    Hi juicy Jen, just realised you're literally 1 minute for where I live so I might just pop by at some point for a bit of advice on what I products I could use to get it looking good (if you can spare 5 minutes one day?). Didn't realise you did the detailing work also,just assumed you sold the...
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    Swirl marks etc

    Thanks S3clarke, that would be perfect if I could find someone! Anyone know one in the North East?
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    Swirl marks etc

    Hi All, i bought a Moro Blue B6 Cab a couple of months ago, and I am ashamed to say that I gave it its first wash yesterday. I did this using 2 buckets, microfibre wash mitt and then finished with a chamois. Today I've noticed light scratches and swirl marks all over the car, including some more...
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    ▀▄ Miglior Detailing: Audi R8 V10 Spyder awesomeness! Nano detail! ▄▀

    Hi, car looks stunning! Is that a normal clothes lint brush you are using on the roof? Can I ask what products you use on the roof, cleaner and sealant? Would love to get the roof of my cab looking like that in time for spring!