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    Black Edition wheels?

    Yup as per above, they're the PQH. Again looking at the brochure, this was an option on the Black Edition so chances are it was just specced that way Other signs of the BE is the bose sound system, privacy glass, obviously the lack of chrome though the picture does show this, flat bottom...
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    Black Edition wheels?

    One thing you could do is grab the sticker in the boot with all the PR codes and look them up. Pretty sure one of them is the one identifying what set came with the car - I believe it should be PQ3 My black edition (2015) did come with the 21" rotors. Looking at the brochure, it does confirm...
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    A7 Calipers Colour

    I had a Black A6 C6 version and went for Red which I think went very well. Changed to a Black A6 C7.5 and the calipers went black which went well with the rotors (found this which is not mine but pretty much the pictures DD has uploaded...
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    New windscreen

    Not had one on the A7 (gone now) but is this 3 year rule new? I've had windscreens fitted by Ag on car older than 3 years before and insisted on genuine ones. Funnily enough a friends Golf which constantly had water in the front footwell area has been diagnosed by a badly fitted non-genuine...
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    New tyres time

    I think Asda worked out best for me too when I had an A7 because they were running voucher codes etc. Even less than the likes of Blackcircles/Tyre shopper I had stuck with Conti's after a very bad experience with Dunlops shredding (known issue with the A7 and Dunlops!) and they held out well...
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    A7 Boot Liner

    I no longer have my A7 but when I did, I got the boot mat from carmats4u. In actual fact, the A6 (x3), A3, A7 and now SQ5 all have had theirs from there. Had no issues and usually add the prestige carpet mat too which I slide under the rubber if I need the rubber only or have on top if it's dry...
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    heated mirrors

    to be honest, I did not even know they came on with the rear screen. The way I've always known it to be is to have the swivel for the mirror in the middle - so not to adjust left or right but in the middle. Pretty sure theres a icon/sign to suggest its heating position too
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    Dunlop SPORTMAXX Cracked (& replacements)

    It is worth it even if it just out of principle. I got my refund and apart from chasing up every so often, I did not need to do much. In my case the amount was driven by the amount of tread left which resulted in a pay-out covering for the equivalent of 2 new tyres. It is a long process as in...
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    Dunlop SPORTMAXX Cracked (& replacements)

    I should have updated this months ago so apologies! I too had the same cracking issue. Had it the first time and changed all 4 not thinking anything of it but when it came back again with fairly low mileage since the fitting (at Audi), I raised it with Dunlop. It took a long time - around 3-4...
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    Good advice although I did not realise it is cheaper to get it whilst within the original warranty. Pretty sure I checked mine during and it was no different to now (£1k upwards for my A7 2015/6 FL 3.0 Quattro) so maybe its changed now. Warranty is one of those hit and miss things. With my A6...
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    Factory CarPlay Activated

    So how does one go about getting this done? ie costs, location etc? This would also be for a MY64 A7 Thanks :)
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    2020 Map Update (C7.5)

    From what I gather, it's not something you can transfer/grab from another car. Each download is tied to the car Only reason I say this is the A6 has a few more updates available but when I download the A6 maps, it will not install on the A7 (same system). I can't remember the exact wording of...
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    Auto Parking Brake

    I'm going to assume this is a new car to you? How hard did you press the acc pedal? If soft, it might feel like it does not release and jerk the car a bit. You do have to press the pedal like you are about to drive off from the lights. Otherwise if its a genuine fault, can you get a scan out...
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    Hi all, Sorry for the update - we had some complications with the car but will update this on another thread. As for recalls - to be honest, I got no more information than you guys already have. I had only the following done: 82C1 - Aux heater element may fail due to an electrical connector...
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    Mines going in tonight for a service plus the recall for the AUXILIARY HEATER ELEMENT and I think the FUEL MAY ESCAPE FROM FUEL RAILS recall. I'll ask about this one when I get there
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    New Owner - 2016 s7

    Welcome to the 7 club 1. So they put 20" rotors on an S7 but 21" rotors on a black edition... strange but fair enough! Only annoying thing I will say with the rotors is corrosion. All 4 of mine have it and I'm now deciding whether to get them fully refurbed but not diamond cut 2. I've...
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    Presense issues - scary!

    From memory the level of sensitivity can be set via the settings menu - maybe its set too high? Might be wrong but never had the issue
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    Newbie with a 2013 S7

    I doubt spoiler faults will be on the console - it would be a scan via vcds or similar. Possibly the light might flash on the button but even that as its not a critical system... Don't want to worry you but worth checking around the boot area/carpets etc to check if you have any water leakage...
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    Newbie with a 2013 S7

    One thing to confirm.... so as above, spoiler starts at a closed position but goes up automatically at 84mph (I thought it was 86 but I stand corrected) and automatically goes down when you get to a lower speed (20-30mph?) BUT, if you raise it manually regardless of speed(ie hold the button...
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    Best sim for map data?

    I use a 3 sim I purchase via the bay. It's preloaded with 24gb or something along those lines and usually does me fine for the year with spotify streaming too