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  1. Shoomakan

    Fueling Woes

    Good evening everyone, I'm running into a problem with my S3 (1.8T AMK). A few weeks ago at a track event, car started to run out of fuel. Would hit 0.8 bar or so and then go lean and cut. Been driving it around super gently when I had to, staying below the problem range. First assumption was...
  2. Shoomakan

    Advice on seating situation, please!

    Good evening everyone, I'm facing an inconvenience in my S3 that I'd like your opinion on how to solve. I'm a tall-ish person, 200cm (6 foot 6 inches) and I've gotten tired of my right knee rubbing the console permanently when I drive. I fear for the center console's safety, as when I take fast...
  3. Shoomakan

    Need help troubleshooting MAF/Liquid Gauge readings.

    Good afternoon everyone, I'd like some help understanding some things. I installed a 3" down-pipe back today and was measuring some before and after figures. I'll start with MAF flow. Before I installed the @badger5 TIP, my highest MAF reading was 185 g/s. After I installed it, it jumped to...
  4. Shoomakan

    YHW Haldex Plug Impressions

    Good afternoon everyone, So, I've had my haldex plug in (c-clip) for the last week, and have covered about 500 kilometers on it so far. My impressions thus far: *Absolutely zero binding/locking at slow speeds, even with steering wheel fully locked. *Car doesn't chirp from the front when I...
  5. Shoomakan

    Question on camshaft/intake manifold gains.

    Hey boys and girls, I wanted to take the opinion of a mod (or two!) I have my eye on. My car currently has 550cc injectors, 4 bar fpr, relentless V4, K04 hybrid (beachbuggy), 3" downpipe, lwfw, walbro 255lb, FMIC, SCAT rods, and any other supporting mods I think the 1.8T needs to make power...
  6. Shoomakan

    Shoomakan's Intro and Build Thread.

    Hello everybody, Before I begin, I'd like to thank whichever moderators took care of my account. I've been a lurking member here for months, but for some reason I wasn't able to post. @Chlippo took care of that for me, nice guy that he is. So, a few months ago I purchased this lovely S3. It's...