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  1. lfcrule1972

    Buying an S1 Aluminium gear knob?

    I had one on my S1, was never an issue temperature wise. Looks way better than the leather OEM ones, I was lucky and bought mine for £230 a few years ago from a UK parts supplier.
  2. lfcrule1972

    S1 noise

    A video might help, otherwise it's a case of even more guesswork than normal. Has the Haldex been serviced properly (not the way Audi do it) recently?
  3. lfcrule1972

    Honeycomb grill S1 badge. S1 embroided matts

    Hi I'm just south of Gatwick so a fair way, it's yours for £30 if you want it, I'll hoover it and send you pics before your courier collects if that helps?
  4. lfcrule1972

    Honeycomb grill S1 badge. S1 embroided matts

    I have an S1 boot matt that matches the OEM carpet in the car and also has the S1 badge on it, whereabouts are you? It's too big to post and I'd prefer a pick up so you can be sure you're happy with it ;) The pile is quite deep and in the pic above it just needs a hoover remove the pile...
  5. lfcrule1972

    Super Sport Seats

    I believe they just pull off, probably trim pullers and some care would be the way to go (at your own risk though - the price of a broken one is eye watering), perhaps Audi dealers can help, they might have access to the workshop manual that shows the various parts.
  6. lfcrule1972

    Stolen S1

    Gutted for the OP :( terminator x - I've been looking at Autowatch Ghost for my S1 replacement, I was keen until I heard that some insurers claim it can be easy to bypass - I don't know anymore than that but I'm assuming your experience is all positive?
  7. lfcrule1972

    Is S1 side mirror same as A1

    Does it fit tight with the mirrors out or folded in? If both, I'd contact the seller with a video or photo and tell them your concerns
  8. lfcrule1972

    Grille and Boot Ring Sizes?

    As above, I didn't keep the measurements and traded the S1 in a few months back. If you own one taking the measurements is straight forward ;)
  9. lfcrule1972

    Grille and Boot Ring Sizes?

    When I owned the S1 I measured mine and then found the closest available on eBay - they were slightly smaller but barely noticeable, sorry but I didn't keep the sizes/measurements
  10. lfcrule1972

    Resonator delete pipe.

    I've seen one owner do this on FB S1 page, however the majority have been to a local exhaust centre and had them removed and replacement pipe fitted.
  11. lfcrule1972

    S1 air intake box mod?

    I took mine out 2 years ago when I fitted the K&N panel filter, no issues and have driven in a couple of snow storms
  12. lfcrule1972

    4H-Tech Short Shifter

    Nice work, I've considered this in the past but I don't mind the OEM throw and have therefore not taken the plunge. Maybe if I drove an S1 with the short shifter fitted I'd change my mind? :)
  13. lfcrule1972

    Anyone thinking of selling an S1

    Have you tried Facebook? I'm in several S1/A1 group pages and there are often ads for owners selling their S1's, recently there has been a Viper Green one. I did a quick check and the ones currently up for sale all have mileage around 40k so no good for you atm
  14. lfcrule1972

    Highest mileages on original clutch

    I think the updated clutch is a myth.... I've never found any proof of that. My clutch did 19k miles and then I mapped it and it did 300 more :)
  15. lfcrule1972

    Chrome to Carbon rings

    I have the black Audi grille and black rings - not a fan of chrome :)
  16. lfcrule1972

    New S1 replacing RS3

    Well that's made me think - I was planing to look at the RS3 as an eventual replacement for the S1, that or an A45. I guess I'll now more after a test drive or two. I test drove the S3 and the S1 and much preferred the way the S1 drives, maybe I will have the same feeling when I drive an RS3?
  17. lfcrule1972

    New S1 replacing RS3

    My OEM clutch was ok until I went stage 1 remap, then it lasted two weeks before it slipped :) I'd read about the OEM clutches not lasting under additional torque/bhp and had set the cash aside for the Sachs Organic clutch - no issues since I've had this done and I think they're good for over...
  18. lfcrule1972

    New s1 owner

    You can also try fine wire wool with metal polish, I think I have 00 grade wire wool and it feels like Candy floss, however it does remove and black from the exhausts :)
  19. lfcrule1972

    What goes in here?

    Yep, I put my two pound coins there for parking emergencies :)
  20. lfcrule1972

    Hello from new owner

    Thanks for the update - I'd heard the same about Milltek on a FB group I think, shame, on other cars I've owned they've been the system of choice.