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  1. abdus

    lmfao.. fitness video.... **MUST WATCH**

    lol.... this one is good too:
  2. abdus

    FAO Abdus

    at least we didn't get beaten by the mighty
  3. abdus

    FAO Abdus

    Getting even worse now :(
  4. abdus

    Self assembling GSXR :cool:
  5. abdus

    FAO Abdus

    :( how it was allowed, not sure, BUT THIS KID.....:asskicking: still funny though (didn't see the thread earlier)
  6. abdus

    Group B legend youtube

    best sounding cars ever or this:
  7. abdus

    Britain's got talent pt 2

    the lad has a big career coming for him. his voice and singing were pretty much amazing. And that song he went for wasn't the easiest imo. and what about Greg Pritchard. He left everybody in shock:
  8. abdus

    Car Parking Egyptian Invention lol
  9. abdus

    Snatch Wars...

    awesome...LOL...i was about to post this.
  10. abdus

    Think you can drive?

    yeah, doing it all alone on an open space and lots and lots of practising and shoots...LOL
  11. abdus

    Think you can drive?

    between these 2 vids above?
  12. abdus

    Car Wash Goes Horribly Wrong
  13. abdus

    Think you can drive?

    after a lot of practice and tries, yes :p This is better:
  14. abdus

    Best Top Gear Challenge EVER!

    the drifting is soooo coooool. Awesome
  15. abdus

    Banned vw commercial

    funny as f**k... (thanks for that smiley james)
  16. abdus

    Sir Alex Ferguson and the Balloon :lmfao:
  17. abdus

    Headbutting a Gun

    LOL... btw, congrtas on your 1000th post :applaus:
  18. abdus

    Blow Off duck LOL
  19. abdus

    HD DVD- the downfall
  20. abdus

    My You Tube Video of the year, a must see....

    amazing this that's what I actually enjoyed most lol