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  1. JudderMan

    Lease, finance or buy

    Very interesting debate chaps. I had rhe same quandary up until yesterday, got finance on an A1 after multiple engine failures on cars (see sig), OK they're far older than what you're talking about but I couldn't justify paying £200pm lease for 2 years on say an Octavia VRS or Kodiaq which the...
  2. JudderMan

    Car Finance or Leasing - Never Done This Before...

    Hmm, think it's best to wait until after the 22nd of this month when the CCJ comes off - I've read on different places that it's 6 years and if anyone ever asks have I 'ever' had a CCJ I have to declare it even after 6 years, sure I can 'forget' to though. What a nightmare it's been having to...
  3. JudderMan

    Car Finance or Leasing - Never Done This Before...

    Cheers Raiden, TBH having a CCJ on my report has affected any line of credit so I assume (might be wrong here) but if I were to get a credit card (unsecured) then the credit limit would be fairly small compared to a secured finance deal on a car - ie. if I didn't pay they come and get the car...
  4. JudderMan

    Car Finance or Leasing - Never Done This Before...

    Need to update my signature, sold my A4 in December :( Needed to get a run around before I buy 'new' or newer than I've ever bought before. Just don't have the time or inclination to be under the bonnet all the time, so looking at leasing or financing a Nissan Note (I know I know, sorry). But...
  5. JudderMan

    why do some dealers not do better deals on new cars

    Most probably more sales = more discount from Audi (or lenient pricing). Cheltenham might have a larger pool of potential/repeat customers than Audi in Greenock for example.
  6. JudderMan

    What Audi do you drive for work

    And they practice their driving on the a75 hitting the limiter every time I'm up there. They're nutters.
  7. JudderMan

    Anyone on here own a honda CRX

    Join the crx forum hondacrx.Co.UK. Lots of info and cars for sale on there. Don't get hung up on vtec, a d16 with boost is more than fun. Even a tweaked d16 is quicker than an vtec.
  8. JudderMan

    Your driving offence stories

    When I had my last mk2 Escort, I bought classic insurance and chose a company that let you drive any other car third party as it was always in bits and my bro had two cars at the time so I could borrow his at any time. This was when I was 20-21 and even though the insurance company confirmed on...
  9. JudderMan

    "Baby on Board" sign question

    Got my first on the way soon, and the Mrs is insisting. I appreciate that in the event of an accident that the fire brigade would look for the baby, but what if the baby wasn't in the car? In most cases, a BoB sign usually means the owner of the 3tonne 4x4 isn't paying attention and people...
  10. JudderMan

    Thinking About a New(er) Car (from 8L A3)

    Hi everyone, Having one of those Sundays where I suddenly want a different car. I do this most weeks, nothing wrong with my 8L, in fact it's too capable, it does everything well. It doesn't blow me away, but I'm getting a bit older and think buying a fun weekend car might be a good idea and...
  11. JudderMan

    4 wheels on axkle stands?????????

    I had one car on axle stands for 8'll be fine.
  12. JudderMan

    When to SORN a car please help!

    Yeah you'd have to get another policy for your current car, and if you sell it within two weeks then you are entitled to a refund of your first payment, by law; it's called a cooling off period for a monthly payment plan. However, you could see if it's cheaper overall for starting a new policy...
  13. JudderMan

    EU may order compulsory speed limiters on ALL vehicles

    Insurers are already doing it with their black boxes. I'm 30 and Admiral (my current insurer) wanted to fit a black box....I told them that they were stupid and to give me a quote without the box, and it was cheaper than they were saying it would be with it. I've been driving for 13 years and...
  14. JudderMan

    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    DRZ ;) Nice. Going to get my license next year I think and get one or a Yamaha YZF (I think that's it) 450 equivalent. My mate has a 636 Ninja and is getting an RSVR soon, but I just don't think that they can be enjoyed on the road compared to a supermoto type thing. In my opinion, of course.
  15. JudderMan

    Your ultimate stable...

    Go on then... 1. Mk2 Escort with Honda S2000 engine 2. Porsche 996.2 GT3 in Red 3. Porsche 993 Turbo in Burgundy 4. TVR Sagaris in Orange 5. TVR Cerbera 4.5 Red Rose in Burgundy 6. Ultima GTR in Red 7. Mercedes C55 in that nasty beige/olive green 8. Renault Clio Trophy in Red obviously 9. Aston...
  16. JudderMan

    My other pride and joy clio willams :)

    Awesome thread mate. Double kudos for taking photos, they'll serve you well in many years whether you keep it or not. You can tell I wish I'd kept photos of my mk2 Escort that was rebuilt from the ground up. Stupidly gave them all the new owner as proof.
  17. JudderMan

    New penalties to tackle tailgating and middle lane hogging

    It's the ones that do 47mph in a 60mph zone then continue to do 47mph in a 30mph zone, past schools, houses etc that bug me. If they kill a child then I hope that it makes them think about their driving. Probably won't.
  18. JudderMan

    New penalties to tackle tailgating and middle lane hogging

    :) I've just been in a train of 10 cars undertaking a car doing 30mph in the outside lane (2-lane, 60mph road) as they were on the brakes and sneezing/blowing their nose. Having hayfever myself, I know that this could have been avoided if they were in the left lane as there were 3 laybys on...
  19. JudderMan

    New penalties to tackle tailgating and middle lane hogging

    Just been on a 600-mile trip this past week. Seems no one ****ing knows what the Highway Code is nor heard this news story about the fines they WILL be getting soon. I'm sure they'll sort their **** out once the £60 fines start coming their way. Coming back this afternoon on the M74 (easily...