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  1. Dane

    ADI 2014 Discussions

    Some photos I took, unfortunately my photography skills haven't gotten good enough to produce decent track pics. Loved this: 2x Imola B5's at one show :shock: Said I'd buy this off this chap lol Badger wagon: I feel it might be a bit soon for the pics of...
  2. Dane

    Attendee list for ADI 11th October 2014

    1. JoJo - 8L S3 2. rhubarb4 - 8L S3 3. Warren_S5 -S5 4. G_shail 5. Andy Crooks 6. Nicksthebiz - 8L S3 7. Jarrod - 8L Slow3 8. Forbzeeee - 8P S3 9. Av4nt 10. Ash B - A4 DTM 11. Jarhyd - A3 12. The Doctor (Paul) - 8L S3 13. theo289 14. jonse 15. Charlie23 - 8P S3 16. #Nick - A4 B6 Avant 17...
  3. Dane

    AITP 6 discussions

    ALLROAD HO! Allroad pulls Pathfinder out of snow bank. - YouTubeRob you should check this thread out:Allroad Appreciation Thread If the weather stays this bad:BBC Weather - Northampton I might bring my allroad instead of the RS lol!Fingers crossed the forecast changes, otherwise it looks like...
  4. Dane

    AITP 6 discussions

    Haha I am referring, of course, to the RS, remember I'm a bit younger than you so my (would be) mother in law is probably in slightly better knick than yours :) ;) Dogs are allowed, we took the spaniel last year and we will be again this year.
  5. Dane

    AITP 6 discussions

    I'll be giving it a good run up to Northampton on Saturday to visit the Misses parents and stay over, so I'll give the old girl a quick wash Sunday morning and be over to Billing about 9 - half 9
  6. Dane


    1. Av4nt (Lewis Jameson) A4 S Line 2.0FSI Special Edition 220 2. Spartan91 (Mark) A3 S Line 2.0 TDI 3. JG51 AUD (John) B8 A4 2.0 TDI Saloon 4. <Tuffty/> (Paul) 8L S3 5. HullRs3 ( John Arnold) RS3 (8p) 2.5 TFSI Sportback 6. Point_Audi ( Shaun) A4 B8 2.0 TDI Saloon 7. Crazyjay91 (Jason) A3 8P 2.0...
  7. Dane

    GTI INTERNATIONAL 5th -6th JULY 2014 (Attending List)

    The missus and I will be there. Haven't got tickets but we'll just say our passes are on the stand... 1. Cuppa, S5 Coupe B8 4.2 V8 (Supercharged). 2. Chez, A5 coupe 2.0tfsi, Camping. 3. Jay, A3 8L, camping. 4. coatesy, A3, Camping. 5. DAYTONA500 B8 S5. 6. S3-Iain - S3 8p Stage 2+, camping Fri -...
  8. Dane

    Attending List. 12th of October.

    1. rhubarb4 S3 8L 2. Paradox1 Golf GTI 3. Prawn A3 8L 4. ScottB5 A4 B5 5. Audi-a6 6. JoJo S3 8L 7. tonya4 A4 B5 8. Andytq A4 B7 9. 6833jon A6 C5 10. Audibritz A4 B7 11. vfr800 S3 8L 12.Jonse S3 8P 13. vivalacoulter S3 8L 14.woodyS3 - 8P S3 15. Ash B - A4 DTM 16. Dane B5 RS4 17. 18. 19. 20.
  9. Dane

    Jakes AITP Pictures

    Thanks for taking the time to post all those photos bud
  10. Dane

    AitP Discussions Thread.

    It was great to catch up with some familiar faces and meet some new ones, a big thank you to those who gave me the honour of receiving the Andy Mac cemorative trophy, quite unexpected :) A BIG well done to calvin too, seemed to be twice as big this year!
  11. Dane

    AitP Discussions Thread.

    Wristband has arrived and the motors in for a tidy up :)
  12. Dane

    Attending list. 11th Of August.

    1, ScottB5 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A4 B5 Avant. 2, Jay A3 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8L 3, A3-Lee - Probably just come down Sunday A3 8L 4, s3 syc - camping/hotel saturday night 8p s3, heading down for the 1st time 5, Turbo Jay - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8P 6, rossy173 -...
  13. Dane

    GTI International 2012 Photo's

    Excellent pics mate! (you cheeky bar steward)
  14. Dane

    GTI International 2012 Photo's

    EPIC Scott cheers bud, may I have the individual images please. Doc I seem to remember the admin have the banner etc.
  15. Dane

    GTI International 2012 Photo's

    Epic pics Scott!
  16. Dane

    GTI International 2012 Photo's

    Great pics guys! Good turn out but I have to agree with Karl's comments
  17. Dane

    GTI International 2012 Photo's

    Prawny did well on the handling course though, Facebook says he got the 3rd best time...
  18. Dane

    GTI International 2012 Photo's

    Wow that's fast dude
  19. Dane

    GTI International 2012 Photo's

    Yes it is mate, my other one is in a sorry state, I went down the strip but didn't launch, did a 13.2 and a 4.7 to 60
  20. Dane

    Gti inters photo's

    Some pics from the girlf.