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  1. dsmclark40v

    B6 S4 V8 into a B5 Q 2.8

    Ah right, the last time I looked into anything like that was when I had my old mini. and just saw the ebay picture quickly. feel a bit silly now. not sure about the rear ancillary drive either, can't remember where I read that now but I saw it somewhere when mine was having timing chain issues...
  2. dsmclark40v

    B6 S4 V8 into a B5 Q 2.8

    There is a guy on audizine that put a v8 from an A6 in his B5 and that was flyby wire and worked with his cars flyby wire The AC compressor and PAS pump are built in on the b6 s4 is all run off the timing chains at the...
  3. dsmclark40v

    2.8q rear springs

    I have one good rear spring if you want it! will keep you going for a while atleast. It was off my old 98 2.8q
  4. dsmclark40v

    New clutch costs...

    What year is your 2.8q? When I had mine done I bought a single mass flywheel and clutch from someone who use to be a member on here but upset a few peeps..... The pricing was as followed: OEM clutch pressure plate - £91.54 OEM clutch friction disc - £92.31 OEM clutch release bearing -...
  5. dsmclark40v

    Alternative wheels

    Audijarvis a friend of mine has some of these ones if your interested. Those aren't actually his on ebay I just used it for the picture and he won't want that much for them. The tyres still have plenty of tread left and they are either michelin or conti sports tyres but I can't remember. He...
  6. dsmclark40v

    Mega brake upgrade - cheap!

    I like that the before and after pictures are from different cars! and also they say in the video on how to install them that your car will never be the same again! :lmfao:
  7. dsmclark40v

    Cam belt change, how much should I pay?

    I called up audi and asked about the fixed price servicing when I still had my 2.8q and they quoted me £404.94 + £120 to do the water pump aswell. Which I thought wasn't a bad price. edit: oh and that was Southampton audi
  8. dsmclark40v

    Scrappage wheels dilemma

    I've got some preface lift head light and indicators if you want them to trade with. just duct tape them on to the car before trading it in and they will never know
  9. dsmclark40v

    Fuel type

    Yeah mine says 98 on the fuel filler door. I run mine on shell V-power when I can as when I fill up with normal unleaded it feels flatter and not as rev'y and the mpg goes down. So works for me, Sam
  10. dsmclark40v

    Should I sell my fat5's...?

    Have you sold your 5's already then? I'm not keen on em, they almost look like they have been photoshopped in that picture
  11. dsmclark40v

    Should I sell my fat5's...?

    I'd say fat 5's all the way! but then again I am bias...
  12. dsmclark40v

    B5 race or rally cars???

    Found this one the neuspeed website That is one well travelled audi!
  13. dsmclark40v

    Took a few pics of my 40mm drop

    I don't think yours is far off my ride hight, but with out them side by side its hard to tell. This is how mine looks now
  14. dsmclark40v

    Took a few pics of my 40mm drop

    When I lowered mine 40mm it still sat higher than I expected at first but then it settled down anouther 10mm or so. Mine is a sport and lowered on H&R racing springs
  15. dsmclark40v

    PLEASE HELP!! Will 9" WIDE 245/40/18 ET52 MRK2 TT alloys fit my A4 B6 CABRIOLET

    jcb his car is a b6. Maybe move this or post again in the b6 section. If you have the wheels maybe do a trial fit
  16. dsmclark40v

    2.8 Oil consumption

    When I first got my 2.8Q it was using about 1L of oil per 1000 miles, but now it hardly uses any. I can't remember what oil was used previously but at this moment in time it has 10w40 lucas semi synthetic in it and mine has done 150k
  17. dsmclark40v

    I take back what I said

    The Range rover probably had street tyres on some 22 wheels. my dad has a new shape range rover and that with the all terrains it has on it will go pretty much anywhere. I know because I drove it though italy and switzerland up and down snow covered roads and it was very sure footed where other...
  18. dsmclark40v

    Donuts ?

    My 2.8q doesn't have ESP so does that mean it also doesn't have a EDL? I have had it sideways before and didn't hear anything electronic wirrling away. I prefer to go out in my landy tho when there is snow everywhere...
  19. dsmclark40v

    Are these HID's any good?

    I had some HID ebay specials installed for almost 3 years and they turned to strobe lights on me halfway up the m3 the other night. luckly I had some spare h7 bulbs and using the light from my phone managed to swap back to the old bulbs. In my land rover I have some PIAA bulbs and I think I am...
  20. dsmclark40v

    Fat 5's are on!

    I'll happly take the blame for that... they do look really good on silver a4's