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    Shall I buy an S4?

    iirc it says in the Audi handbook to keep a litre bottle in the glovebox just in case, or maybe I'm imagining it. In any case, my 3.2 drinks oil more or less the same regardless. Emmissions are spot-on. Out of curiosity, which oil do you use?
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    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Mundane job - changed fuel filter. bit of a fiddle but needed doing, can't remember when it was last done, years ago. Loads of crud came out the old filter, seems to idle smoother now.
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    Lots of guys selling their B7's.

    Come to this thread a bit late, but no plans to sell the B7. Just a question of finding the time to do the regular maintainance (and mods ;-) ) required of any older car.
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    Shall I buy an S4?

    hello mate, welcome to the forum. like yourself I've got the B7 A4 3.2 quattro, and much as the S and RS might be tempting I keep on loving what I've got. Performance is not bad, and on mine (320k km) changing the coil packs and the variable timing actuators/sensors was a revelation. Just...
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    Anyone ordered from ECS?

    Yep, I've ordered from ECS around a year back and they delivered promptly with no hold-ups. Then I got the email from the courier saying I owed customs + duty charges which were surprisingly steep. VAT is 20% here in France. But - it was still cheaper to order the item I wanted, from ECS...
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    S-Line 3.0tdi quattro rear coil springs

    Eibach pro kit will fit the Quattro - E10-15-003-12-22 Can be found on .
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    Lowering Springs on a Quattro Avant with SE shocks?

    Hi - I have a similar avant to yours, and am prob going to go Eibach Pro. In a perfect world I would go H&R 45mm drop based on the reviews seen on the forum here. But the roads here are rough. With that, I've some Bilstein B8 waiting plus I got the mounting rubbers and shortened bump-stops...
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    Coolant levels after new thermostat

    The level can on occasions take a few goes to steady, as any airlocks bleed out, but as the other poster says, should be checked as somewhere between min/max when cold. Which may exceed max level when hot.
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    Coolant levels after new thermostat

    Switch on heating to full but with air con off (ie Econ mode), plus some models have a bleed screw near the back of the bay to help bleed out any airlocks. Might be an idea to change the filler cap too if that was not provided with the new expansion tank fitted.
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    A4 2.0 TDI 2006 - Power Loss, stays mostly under 3000 RPM

    If you have variable timing on the TDI then there will be cam adjusters triggered by oil pressure fed actuators which change the cam position accordingly. The actuators are easy to change (on petrol engines at least, not sure about diesel).
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    Light faults

    Yes had this just yesterday also on RHS light and fixed with a squirt of contact cleaner to the plug connector that plugs into the light unit. The connector to the rear light unit corrodes, resulting in bad earth hence all three bulbs appearing to go at once. A squirt of WD40 may do the trick or...
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    Disc recommendations

    I'm using brembo discs at the moment, OEM DTM edition drilled on front, no complaints at all. Brembo also have a Sportline range but not all models are covered Lot's go for Mtec discs, whole range of finishes, drilled and / or grooved, and I will prob next time too...
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    It's time the for the old bus to revert back to factory spec now.

    Hi Rob, I'm interested in the S4 silver mirror covers, can you PM me a price if you're ready to sell them? If it's any help, my current covers are Black if you wanted them thanks
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    It's time the for the old bus to revert back to factory spec now.

    Rob, would be interested in the S4 silver mirror covers when and if you come to sell them.
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    Suspension question (NOT which is best....P

    Out if interest anyone tried AP springs?
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    Floor Mats - What are you using?

    Got some “sporty looking” Audi USA oem rubber mats off look ace with a red logo too.
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    Snub Mount

    Interesting thread there Rob and for me at least underlines the whole value of forums like this. Who would have thought that such a simple part that I at least would never have given a second thought to could make so much difference in changing / replacing? I got a Powerflex yellow replacement...
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    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Snub mount bush replaced on the quattro - long winded job on the 3.2 but very well worth it. Here's the old one, and the replacement from Powerflex.