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  1. s3_kev

    ASN members needed

    not surprised we have 0% on never noticed it even the missus just said to me your not on a new web site are you lol
  2. s3_kev

    ASN members needed

    i kind of like it needs tweeking as its hard to tell new posts to old posts, the white around some of the smilies is poo, and im glad you changed the wording to white as i could hardly read it before when it was grey? overall i like but again im up for the chose your own colour theme thing bit...
  3. s3_kev

    not car problems but woman problems

    i had the same thing, i traded in and im much better off, as said lifes to short to have grief with a partener. but seriously think about it before getting with the new bird she might not be the awnser or the reason to ditch the current misses maybe just ditch her and worry about after, after.
  4. s3_kev

    pics of the new beemer then!

    yyaaaaawwwwwnnnnnnnnn!!!!! lol, looks like a nice motor mate
  5. s3_kev

    MINT Car for sale - please see ad innit!!!

    dear oh dear what a poor societey we are living in these days, these people are given driving licences and must have jobs to have a car, what a complete ******, pmsl
  6. s3_kev

    Buckmore kart track

    yeah i had a work meeting there a few weeks back was excellent, best track ive been to i have been to a couple including the international circuit in tenerife but buckmore is very good
  7. s3_kev

    Top 5 3rd cars for the garage to come out when the sun is shining - realistic ones !!

    1) reanault 5gtt- mint 2) escort s1 rs t- mint 3) toyota mr2 turbo rev3 4) renault clio 182 5) old skool mini with hyabusa turbo