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  1. Markey

    Kiaora from New Zealand!!!

    Welcome to the site :)
  2. Markey

    New A4 TDi 130 owner

    Welcome to the site :)
  3. Markey


    Hello welcome to the site.
  4. Markey

    Hello, I'm new to the VW family

    Welcome to the site :)
  5. Markey

    Hi there from South Africa

    Hello, welcome to the site :)
  6. Markey

    Hello from the north sea!!

    Hello welcome to the site :)
  7. Markey

    Hello All

    Hello and welcome to the site :) nice car...
  8. Markey

    newbie here

    Totally new one on me that is nice one :) sounds like a nice bit of work has gone into it.
  9. Markey


    Welcome to the forum sounds like you have a nice couple of cars there share some pics :)
  10. Markey

    Hello there.

    Welcome to A-S
  11. Markey

    Hello, new member here

    Welcome to the site :) there is loads of info on here regarding the S3s very nice choice for 18 ;)
  12. Markey

    newbie here

    Welcome to the site nice cars :) i do like the sunnys you done anything to it ? I attached you pics for those who dont want to click.
  13. Markey


    Welcome to the site i to am a Jap fan and wanted the exact same thing as you so bought an A4 avant as the daily driver, there is loads of info on here about the S3s so dive in :)
  14. Markey

    Hi all (S3 coming soon)

    Just a few i found on google
  15. Markey

    Hi all, just new to Audi

    Welcome to the site :)
  16. Markey

    Hey there

    Welcome to the site :) sounds like you do love your Audis to have 2
  17. Markey

    Audi-Sport newbie...

    Nice pics that RS is soooooooo nice :) welcome to the site
  18. Markey

    New member

    Welcome to the site :)
  19. Markey

    New Guy

    Welcome along got any pics of your car :) you drive an RS4 then ?
  20. Markey

    Hello all

    Welcom along to AS :) keep posting