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  1. chill14

    Audi A3 - Bose Amp - Help please

    You have gone the right way about this in lifting boot slam panel etc, I believe however there is another screw that is by the grid thing you can see below where the parcel shelf sits. It is then a case of pulling all the panel away. There are a quite a few clips, both metal and plastic, so you...
  2. chill14

    Rear boot trim buzzing

    Do you mean the left panel inside the boot? The carpeted panel in front of where the Sub is? If so I found that the plastic strengthening on the back the carpeted panel vibrates against the plastic box that contains the sub. You will see some wear marks, where the two plastics rub. I got fed...
  3. chill14

    Flashing lights!!

    Yep, mine does this. I've just assumed it was something to do with the immobiliser. Showing it was still active or something?? It stops when the ignition is on so it seemed feasible to me. It probably isn't this though. I have no faults showing on my unit when its scanned with VCDS so I'm not...
  4. chill14

    Courier prices

    Hmm, I tried a company called to have 4 wheels delivered that I sold on Ebay. Followed their instructions to the letter, but they subcontracted to DHL. Unfortunately it appears DHL have lost two of the wheels in transit. So I'm not impressed with them either at the moment. :(...
  5. chill14

    HELP!!! Car won't start

    Hi mate If it was anything like mine the diagnostics will come back clean every time. Audi Assistance spent 40 mins with mine with Diag plugged in while he cranked it and cranked. Nothing came up at all. Just out of interest how much fuel do have in at the moment? Is it less than half a...
  6. chill14

    HELP!!! Car won't start

    I had issues like that up until January this year. Mines a 140 though on an 05 plate. Had the head changed, software etc, and it turned out to be a knackered fuel pump in the fuel tank. Took Audi ages to find out it was that. I nearly got rid of the car because of it. Does it just turn and...
  7. chill14

    VCDS Supplier

    I received my lead from NHN today. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Answered my queries clearly and effectively. He made the whole process very clear and was very swift with his replies, and postage of the lead. I have tried it today and it has worked brilliantly, (despite the issue...
  8. chill14

    Service indicator reset - Flexible service

    Sorry to revive an old thread but I am having the same trouble. Had my car serviced by a mechanic about month ago and he plugged his reset tool in but it messed something up. The mileage reminder was counting down from 2000, but the day counter was right and started countil from 730. Received...
  9. chill14

    Wheel Alignment/tracking - Really a Dealer only?

    i didn't even think of trying Jody at Midland VW. He is only 10 mins away, I'll give him a bell. Thanks everyone for the replies. It is quite clear then that I have been given a load of bull, and there are people who can actually do this. Thanks everyone :thumbsup:
  10. chill14

    Wheel Alignment/tracking - Really a Dealer only?

    Thanks both of you. I suspected it as I could not find any reference to it on here. All I got to do now then is find somewhere that will do it without the bull. Cheers
  11. chill14

    Wheel Alignment/tracking - Really a Dealer only?

    I wonder if someone could give me a straight answer about Tracking and Wheel Alignment on an A3 please? I have done a search, and not found anyone who has had the answers I have had from Tyre garages, so I suspect I am being fed a load of bull for some reason. I have had to have the front...
  12. chill14

    Audi Concert Aux in?

    CD Changer is activated by pressing CD twice. If the CD changer is connected the Display will say 'CDC' and the CD number, before track number and time. I looked at getting an Connects2 Aux in for my Mp3 player but it replaces the CD changer connection on back of HU, which I don't want as I...
  13. chill14

    170 TDI chrome exhaust tip

    I know what you mean. It says not to adjust the top ones at all, but I found I had to as they sat funny, or the bottom bolt went all the way through. I just adjusted them all until I was with the result.
  14. chill14

    170 TDI chrome exhaust tip

    I did this to my 140 about a month ago. I also bought them from Stafford Audi at £30 inc delivery via Ebay. I was a bit concerned about taking an angle grinder to the exhuast so I used a Dremel with some blades designed to cut Stainless steel, and just took the original tips off. Took a while...
  15. chill14

    Votex Front Lip

    Thanks for the info, i'll have a look at Stafford Audi as they're only up the road from me. Not sure on the black A3, I have been trying to find a photo of it but I cannot seem to find one. It was inside by one of the tuning stands.
  16. chill14

    Votex Front Lip

    Still slightly off topic... sorry I have to say I have never been one for body kits etc, but after seeing a black A3 (twin grille) at Ultimate Dubs and Boydie's car above with the Votex kit, i really am considering this as a mod. I think it really suites the car. Are the votex kits for the...
  17. chill14

    Cold start problem - A3 2.0 TDi 170

    Your fuel pumps are knackered like mine were as a guess. That is what fixed my 140 diesel in the end. See here for my thread posted on a very cold 24th January (2009) when you can see mine got taken away on a trailer for this issue after a 3 previous visits to the dealer...
  18. chill14

    Is It Bad Practice To Let The Diesel Run Low?

    I was under the impression that it it used to be because you were more likely to pull the rubbish that used to be in diesel fuel, through the fuel system. Causing problems for the fuel filter and poor running. This was because Diesel wasn't really a clean fuel until recently, and you also...
  19. chill14

    Power cable route

    What is it for? If its for a power socket in the boot, then I'd use the fuse box in the dash. There is an allocated fuse for a rear power socket. Just need some auto power cable and repair wire 000 979 225 to connect it to fuse box. This is what I have done. I use it when going camping to power...
  20. chill14

    £150 vs £420

    I agree with this. This is what I have done with all my previous cars. I tend to keep all the receipts for anything that has been done to my cars, from tyres, batteries, to servicing. Then I staple the receipts to the service book so that the new owner can see the history while I have had it...