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  1. tku

    private plate advice required.

    Yep. He is right! I have just bought new car picking up on friday and had private plate on the current car. Dealer has charged me £80 but has told me it will take a few weeks. Basically said the same, if I take it off now will cost £120 as someone has mentioned or he will change it for me for...
  2. tku

    Buying a car with existing/outstanding finance?

    Really is no biggie. Tell him get settlement letter. Then call them together you speak to them regarding payment and car all cleared and then sign v5. Done. I've done it before and had no worries. The only worry as far as I'm concerned is buying a car that has been not declared as still on...
  3. tku

    porsche cayenne techs on here?

    Yeah..go to a Porsche forum and ask there. Can't imagine finding much help on here regarding them monstrosities!
  4. tku

    Ariel Atom V8

    You two mind just getting a room? Heard etap have rooms for £20.:ninja:
  5. tku

    Window Tinting and UK Law

    Oh and if your going to tint your window less than 50% then I wouldn't bother wasting the cash. Might as well drive with the windows down. With shades on of course.
  6. tku

    Window Tinting and UK Law

    To put it simply. Tint your fronts and they are illegal so the risk is upto you. Don't tint them. And they are legal. No need for us to go too deep into things as we all know well we should know by now that tinting the fronts at all is risking it.
  7. tku

    Very very rare seats up for sale!! WOW

    Yep and those mk1/2 golf boys are absolute nutjobs with regards to loving and doing up their cars. They would marry em if they could.
  8. tku

    Stupidly Amazing Car Garages!

    Oh my gosh..Think everybody needs to have a look at these garages. Found myself gawping for a full 15mins scrolling through the pages. Absolutely stunning!!
  9. tku

    Anyone suggest a cheap runner?

    Toyota yaris all day long. Got to London for 20 quid and have had no problems whatsoever for 9 years.
  10. tku

    Need abit of advise please......

    If you can afford to spend £40-50 a week on petrol then I don't see why you can't have a S3 providing your job pays an alright some of money per month. I spend that per week on fuel and that's not even for work!! For obvious reasons where you might not want a S3 as a daily fuel burning driver...
  11. tku

    I want an impreza, any assistance please :D

    So basically your going to pay more then what the cars probably worth on insurance just to try it from time to time and as your 'little' project? If you was 18 and had just pass your test I would let you off for being abit silly and naive but your 23 dude..don't throw money away like that on a...
  12. tku

    What to replace my brothers S3 with?

    Yeah but have you seen how bad a Beemer is in the snow or winter? So shocking. IMO unless you have a second car I wouldn't touch a beemer. Great cars to drive but crap interior. Anyways, I think I'm too much of a audi fan.
  13. tku

    What to replace my brothers S3 with?

    :eyebrows: How about my 8p S3 in about 4-5months time? atm its only 10months old, facelift model and it looks wicked! I will throw in all my mods in for free at the same time..revo stage 1 with switch, evoms cai, hnr springs, 1.2 pro race, milltek...:eyebrows:
  14. tku

    Free Tyre Gauge

    Thanks mate!
  15. tku

    GYmkana 3

    You folks need to watch Ken Blocks new vid. The maddest baddest driver out there. Period! .:eyebrows:
  16. tku

    Civic type r dead...

    Yep had a FN2 new shape..owned it for about 11months and someone writ me off! Funny thing was I was driving to a delaer to look at other cars. Great sounding engine but absolutely no torque...cabin was a huge improvement on the ep3 although it didn't feel as hardcore to drive. Would I own one...
  17. tku

    Same Registration on Different Cars

    Im sorry guys but I'm with Wai-Fan here. I have 100% seen it on 2 cars and I seem to come across it everyday as the guy always parks same place. Isle of man plates so there must be a different rule for them unless its classed as trade plates or something? I seen the bentley and gtr constantly...
  18. tku

    BMW 1 series 'M' Coupe

    I think this will be a different beast altogether. Oh and I think you mean 135i ? they didn't do a 135 diesel!.
  19. tku

    Same Registration on Different Cars

    I have seen the same but the cars I have seen them on have been Isle of man plates I badge with 3 legged person or something..mind you the cars were a bentley GT and a nissan GTR with the same plates. Rich git.