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  1. Drill

    S3 vs TQ alignment

    What's the difference between the S3 and the TQ alignment settings? I'm getting Bilstein B8's, H&R Sport Springs and Forge rear control arms fitted to the TQ on Thursday and was wondering if things might handle better if I have the alignment set to as close to S3 spec as possible. Any ideas? Thx
  2. Drill

    N75 & FPR

    OK, I've been searching around a bit lately for info on the N75J and 4 bar fuel pressure regulator. What I've found has brought more questions to mind (and maybe even an idea ) Anyway, I've read that while the N75J (and H) changes the characteristics of the std wastegate (Mainly by...
  3. Drill

    Where'd the Graphs go??

    Huh? A friend at work was asking about chipping, so I came by to pull up my Oettinger graph as posted in the "Performance Graphs" forum, only to find it's gone missing So what happened? Was it pulled to make room for something else?
  4. Drill

    Which Suspension bits....

    .... should I look to change on my TQ when installing new springs and shocks? I've got 100k miles now and it's (past) time to get a new suspension. I'm looking at the Bilstein B6 or B8 dampers, and prolly H&R S3 Springs, but am wondering what other parts I should replace at the same time...
  5. Drill

    Dome light wiring??

    Does anyone know where the dome light wires run behind the dash?? I'm adding footwell lights to my TQ and need to tap into the dome lights in order to get the "Dimming" effect Thx
  6. Drill

    S3 droplinks??

    Does anyone know if the S3 uses the same size droplinks as the A3TQ?? If, say, the S3 has slightly larger droplinks, could that help stiffen up the suspension?? Just curious Thx
  7. Drill


    ...well, they've got a good group of guys workin for them. And I must say, for my first WEEK of membership, I've been treated quite nice. They were kind enough to pick me and my car up off the side of the road, and transport us both the 100kms to my dealer where my car is currently having the...
  8. Drill

    Signature too long?????

    Anyone have any idea why I would keep getting this message when I'm trying to <font color="red">shorten</font> my sig??
  9. Drill

    FAO Costa (XXX1.8T)

    How's this look?
  10. Drill

    A/S3 front suspensions??

    OK, going off of adjturbo's problems with fitting an S3 Strut Brace to his A3 TS. What are the differences between the FWD and Quattro front suspension?? I had always assumed that the FRONT was identical, and that for obvious reasons, the rear was different. Does anyone know??
  11. Drill

    Oettinger ECU

    First impressions..... OK, anyway, gotta keep this kinda quick as my best friend who just got back from Iraq is gonna try to call tonight. For those unfamiliar with my car, it's a 2001 A3 1.8TQ (150hp stock). I took her in today for the std Oettinger tune program to 195 ps and 295 nm...
  12. Drill

    Is it Friday yet?

    Some of y'all already know this, but on Friday, at 0730, I'll be in Friedrichsdorf at Oettinger HQ getting my '01 A3TQ chipped finally I'll also be getting an "After" dyno plot to see what she'll be putting on the road (Hopefully close to 200hp and 300 nm having VVT and a hybrid K03...
  13. Drill

    EBC Greenstuff Pads (Again)

    Hey folks, what's up I've finally (After 97k kms) worn down my front brake pads to the wear indicators. I want to order EBC Greenstuffs, and the best place I've found online is Tirerack, but they don't have the A3 listed Does anyone know which part number the right pads for my '01 A3TQ...
  14. Drill

    Gran Turismo 4 upcoming

    Saw something at AW about GT4 :shock: Anyone know anything about this?? :beerhug:
  15. Drill

    What would you like to see... a new model Polo GTI?? Personally, I'd like to see the 1.8T. It's light, very tuneable, and would appeal to a large customer base. What do y'all think?
  16. Drill

    Anybody any good at animating pics?

    If so, I've got 6 pics I'd like to try and get "merged" into one gif. The idea is to use it as my avatar pic, replacing my current rims. Here are the pics:
  17. Drill

    S3 upper stress bar on to an A3?

    OK Guys, I'm thinking of putting an S3 upper stress bar onto my A3 TQ. Thing is, I'm not sure if it's a simple DIY job where all I have to do is "Drill" a couple of holes and bolt it in place, or if there are other things involved. IIRC JPR did this to his A3, but has anyone else done or...
  18. Drill

    Hey, I have a Polo...

    ...and now I've even got a 1st Post. WOW And to stay semi-on topic. I've a '94 Black Polo Coupe 1 liter