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  1. JonChalk

    For Sale K&N E-0646 Filter <2000miles (B9 A4s/A5s + earlier)

    Put this on my S5 just before CV-19 came along & the S5 has now gone, so seeing if there's any interest. Definitely fits B9 A4s and A5s, plus earlier models I think, but best check for yourself if you're interested. £40 +PP (of your choice)
  2. JonChalk

    Anyone had the Audi UTR fitted / retro-fitted?

    Would really like to keep my S5 with an Audi product / install, but not if it's sub-par. Anyone got it? Care to provide some feedback, please? Many thanks. Jon.
  3. JonChalk

    My new S5 Sportback - Daytona Grey

    So, the TTS Roadster has now gone, replaced with this: Light & Vision, B&O, Privacy Glass. Love it so far!