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    East. PA/South. N.J. GTG & Fun Run April 17 Sunday

    All Audis invited. Bring a friend. Bring a spouse. Bring your Audi! If you've ever been on any of my events, then you know I put on a great run through some awesome roads. Well... here we go again!! Sunday, April 17 10:30AM - 12 Noon... or later Meet at Peace Valley (near Doylestown)...
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    X-post for a friend: A3 Oil consumption too high

    Hope you can help this friend out. He's a newbie here, but I met him on another forum. Please see his post in the new member forum... Newbie question about A3 oil cunsumption
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    What's a good Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

    Looking for something over 15 years old. Planning a cigar party for a group of guys and need a few good suggestions. Bear in mind, I'm in the States and I'll need to be able to find it here. TIA
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    June 17 BBQ GTG & Auto Museum, Brookline Mass.

    <font color="red"> Larz Anderson Auto Museum and Park Audi GTG and BBQ/Picnic!! Saturday, June 17 10 AM - ?? Brookline, MA </font> For those of you NOT going to Waterfest... click the link and post at the official thread: <font color="blue"> June 17 GTG </font> Do NOT post...
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    Aaaahhhkk! another Audi site gives me a headache!!

    It shall remain nameless for now, but another Audi forum site that I frequent has put the worst taste in my mouth and given me a headache. The amount of immaturity, disrespect, and foul language has reached an all time high (or should I say low?) The worst part is that it no longer is a...
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    Ridge warns "large scale attack on US"

    <font color="red">Just came over the wires: CBS News Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge warned Thursday that Al-Queda is planning a large scale attack on the U.S., but didn't raise the terror level.</font>
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    Just an odd ? from a yank to the UK blokes

    I've noticed a lot of pics you guys post have the first few digits wiped out, but you leave the last two or three digits exposed in the pic. Why do you guys leave the remaining digits exposed? Are the last three digits irrelevant, or are they just regional digits, or...? Just curious.
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    Happy Fourth of July!!!

    To my UK friends, sorry for the way things turned out two hundred years ago, but.... No really... it's all good mates.... To all my fellow Americans I wish you a happy Fourth of July. Gonna be offline 'till the fifth, so best wishes to all on the forum for a safe and happy holiday...
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    Gremlins are controlling my foglights!

    I have a U.S. spec 2000 S4 with a fog light problem. When running my front fogs, they will mysteriously turn off. They may stay on for more than an hour or they may stay on for a few minutes. I thought that there was a short between my high beams or turn signals, because they would turn off...
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    PAGING: Audi Girl

    Heya Audi Girl, Thought you might like this for your kitty!
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    What happened yesterday??!!!

    I couldn't get on the forum at all. I kept getting a message that I didn't have authorization and that the forum was pending. Anyone else have this problem yesterday? Seems to be OK now, but Jeeesh!