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  1. Tyler Owen


    Here's one for Sky subscribers Wednesday Night at 9 on the National Geographic Channel Its the Audi R8 Factory this week I don't know if anyone else watches this series but it is quite cool, they've done Lambo Murchialago SV and...
  2. Tyler Owen

    Upgrade Headlight Bulbs Group Buy

    Right oh i can sort out Discounted price on Ring Xenon Max +100% bulbs as seen here! Now should there be some interest i should be able to sort out a good discount! I can get hold of a decent range of sizes in...
  3. Tyler Owen

    Newbie A3 owner

    I thought i'd introduce myself Came over from SCN always love Audi's and now i've got one :D :blackrs4: Picked up my 2.0 TFSi S-Line on Tuesday, finally got around to cleaning it today and taking a few piccies I'm really pleased, can't believe how much better the...
  4. Tyler Owen

    OEM+ Mods

    Afternoon all I pick up my 8P2 S-Line 2.0TFsi next week :jump: But what are the little OEM+ mods you can do? Done quite a few on my Leon but don't know where to start on the A3's ....
  5. Tyler Owen

    Hello .... Again!!

    Evening All I thought i'd reintroduce myself as after a year of on and off searching i've just put a deposit down on an A3 2.0TFSI :jump:
  6. Tyler Owen

    A3 Potential Buyer Questions

    Hello there I'm really set on an A3 now think they are great, driven a few at work and like the look and way they drive, so want one of my own! And it's an Upgrade in the VAG group from SEAT lol Anyways here begins my questions, sorry there are a few :o I'm looking at the 2.0 diesel...
  7. Tyler Owen


    Hello yet another Newbie .... do they ever stop :lol: I currently own a Seat Cupra Leon had for 2 years now modded to the point i'm not gonna get any more power without spending thousands!! I've fallen for the New S3's been trying to put it off but can't i've got the bug now !! Really liking...