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    TDI v's S3

    [ QUOTE ] Playing devils advocate, the Skoda vRS isn't a particularly fast car Bampy (I presume you're talking about the Fabia?) 0-60: 9.3 - Woooo! * Yaaawn!! * And I know it's not all about 0-60 speeds, but if you didn't p*ss all over him in a chipped S3 I'd have your doctor look at your...
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    Changing up

    I am seriously considering changing from my S3 to a fairly new RS4 are there any significant running costs to take into account account. Build quality aside, why an RS4 and not a M3. Your advise is very welcome and appreciated.
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    TDI v's S3

    [ QUOTE ] "Real World" driving is always different from the paper statistics - depends on many different factors (driver skill, gear ratios, suspension setup, tyre size/pressure, etc. etc. you know the list). I never thought I would ever buy a diesel car, but even the "lowly" 1.9TDI in an A6 is...
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    FMICs and chipping

    Put a S3 on a rolling road it will not matter what FMIC you fit the power gain will be zero. You will get a lot more noise, but is that what you want? I keep bringing this up time after time, the money you will spend on this sort of stuff that will do nothing to improve the performance of the...
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    TDI v's S3

    [ QUOTE ] "If you watch one of the last Top Gear programmes it proved once and for all diesels not matter how good they are, will never be as fast as the equivalent petrol car. They put the Stig in the petrol 535 which is not over powered for it's size and Clarkson in the 535 diesel which has...
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    Cleaning Dash S3

    I'll second that there's nothing better
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    Good fun this morning..

    [ QUOTE ] Mines a Std 225 S3, although I've a feeling that in the next few weeks, I'll be taking a trip down to Daventry and speaking to the nice people at Oettinger Been thinking about it for AGES.. I accept the comments about the M3 being a quick car, hence it's ability to pull away from...
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    Chipping a 67K 2000 S3 - yes or no????

    IMO as long as the car has been serviced on a regular basis andis not drinking any oil, I would have no problems in having it chipped. Make sure they do a diagnostic check before you have it chipped, otherwise-enjoy
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    TDI v's S3

    Just an aside I am very happy at the moment as this is my first post that has caught fire, fantastic. While I am on my soap box, compare like with like. The latest diesels are very quick and powerful, as the last post says nearing 200BHP the current S3 has been around a long time. If they...
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    Passenger window opening on its own!!!

    Had the same problem with mine back last summer. It just went away, never was able to find out what was causing it. Hope it rights itself for you.
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    TDI v's S3

    You rattle lover's seem to be missing the point. You won't pass a S3 in 5th and 6th on torque simply because to beat you and beat you easily all a S3 driver has to do is drop a gear or so and then leave you for dead. Diesels are good if they are infront of you for one very good reason-the...
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    S3 Sideskirts

    Chave, don't both side skirts look cheap
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    Does Optimax increase power?

    In my opinion, and I do change from Opitmax to other fuels for long periods of time, it does not drop the power of the car but what it does is increase the throttle response dramatically. What I have found is that when not using Optimax you still have all the overtaking power you need, but...
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    Possible coolant leak, any ideas?

    The puddle under the front of the car can't be from the aircon, if you are loosing coolant from the system dhhhhhhh. Take it to a specialist and get the system checked. Don't forget coolant is corrosive.
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    S3 look alike

    Would you buy a condom with a hole in it?
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    Bill Please waiter - Time to sell up i think

    If you can't afford a sixty mile round trip, best advice I can offer is to your girlfriend. Dump the guy he's broke. Best advice to you, dump the girl, in the long run the car will cost you a lot less. Especially when she give's you the sack when you had a couple of kids together. Believe me...
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    TDI v's S3

    Just throw this thought in for what it's worth. I was at a set of lights a week or so ago and on the outside of me a bad boy appeared in his RS Skoda diesel giving me the look and rattling the out of his performance diesel. Lights went to green, what a disappointment, the bad boy was way...
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    How to change first beam lights?

    Be a man, just pull. I ponced around with mine for weeks afraid I would break the wire, so I took them to my local specialist, Westec and the guy there just ripped them out. And they are working just fine.
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    Which exhaust??

    Best place to buy TT pedals is:
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    Which exhaust??

    If you are buying a new system in the hope that you will get a power increase, don't bother. Milltek, Longlife and the rest are selling a con, apologies to everyone that has bought one. Fit a standard exhaust and on the money you save, get yourself some driving lessons at a track day and you...