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  1. doeboy

    I'm home!

    I used to own a A4 b5 2.8q then moved onto a lemon of a b5 S4, had my fingers burt on that pile of junk. Fast forward a few years and i've just paid cash for a 2006 S4 Cab practically mint with 12k on the clock, some rich exec's weekend car! I'm loving it as iknew i would. Can anyone link...
  2. doeboy

    Moral conundrum!

    To shop or not to shop him?! Need some advice on this one. Basically to cut a long story short my s4 had been clocked in 2004 from 192k to god knows what, it shows 130k probably around 230k. Anyhow I did a check but it didn't show the mileage discrepancy so I went ahead with it. Within a week...
  3. doeboy

    Johnny Five is for sale!
  4. doeboy

    Gotta get me one of these!
  5. doeboy

    Your experiences with the police, good or bad?

    I've had my own, most recent was being pulled for speeding by a black scooby on the m40, what are you experiences? Dealt with professionally? Or treated like dirt? Post here?
  6. doeboy

    Watch out Black scooby cop car on m40

    Fecking had me at 98 (i was happy to take that believe me) M40 this sunday. Almost new Impreza, black. followed me for a few junctions before pulling me! I was trying to work him out, just kept following my lead. It's obvious now he was getting a reading from me! They were too far back to...
  7. doeboy

    New RS4 Grille for sale.

  8. doeboy

    selling my S4!

    Not happy, i can't afford to keep her so selling along with my 2.8Q too. If anyones interested see the sales section!
  9. doeboy


    HAHAHAHA my sides are splitting!
  10. doeboy

    B5 RS4 brake help!

    I've been offered a B5 RS4 brake setup for my S4. I can't find pricing for brake discs anywhere! At first i was looking for uprated drilled/grooved discs, but i can't find any prices for standard non OEM discs either! Where do you buy yours from and how much? Ta!
  11. doeboy

    19" wheels anyone?

    I'm looking at a set of RS4 reps, B7 style. 335/35/19 Anyone have wheels this size, any issues? Looks like 19's on Phantom A4's gallary photo's
  12. doeboy

    Borat on guns in the states

    The last line gets me!
  13. doeboy

    A somber message.

    Boy Soldier:
  14. doeboy

    Replacement s4 gearbox.

    I need a complete s4 gearbox, any ideas?
  15. doeboy

    ESC & traction control

    I have a rought idea, but can anyone explain the differences? Ta
  16. doeboy

    Are you a cash poker player?

    If so what site(s) and what’s you're handle? I play on PKR 3D as Doeboy.
  17. doeboy

    Another Poll:

    Toying with the idea of low profiling my S4. Removing the S4 badge and sticking on a 1.8. Or leaving the S4 on, soup her up. drop a few audiable dump valves in.
  18. doeboy

    New S5

    Anyone looked at one yet?
  19. doeboy

    vote on my wheels will you

    It's in the General section but the poll is going a little slow.
  20. doeboy

    Time to buy a that fire extinguisher i think!