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  1. Stride

    Buying an RS3

    Hi guys. I am in the same predicament. I am currently looking at an 11 plate RS3 mint condition with 16000 on the clock. Think of trading my 15 plate S3 for it. My car has 3100 on the clock. My justification to the wife is that in 3 years time the RS will be worth more than the S3 and therefore...
  2. Stride

    S3 Sportback (Aus) Sepang Blue should I get Black Styling?

    I went for the chrome with the LED headlights but both look amazing. Sepang is such a nice colour.
  3. Stride

    super market fuel!

    Lol. Fancy that.
  4. Stride

    S3 tyre pressure

    Fair point but my S3 will never be carrying that sort of load, and even if it was, I would not be doing 155mph. Besides I have an A6 for that job. The recommended pressure on the door jamb for less passengers is 41 at front and 39 at back. The handbook recommends to set to the max passengers but...
  5. Stride

    super market fuel!

    Interesting.......the general vibe I have picked up is that Shell v power is the best. This is not necessarily the case then.
  6. Stride

    S3 tyre pressure

    So Audi inflated my tyres to pressures outside the recommended when I picked my car up. I can't see that the tyres were unsafe like that. I think that they were safe as they were. You disagree?
  7. Stride

    S3 tyre pressure

    I mean it felt better in terms of grip, which would obviously make sense. I am just wondering if the trade off in wear and mpg is worth it for superior grip, I would be inclined to say yes. But will not inflating to the "correct pressure" raise a safety issue?
  8. Stride

    S3 tyre pressure

    Hey guys. I just had the same thought as Dazs myself. I checked the door jamb on my S3 Sportback and it said to inflate to 45 psi also. I did this. I only picked up my car a few days ago and Audi had my tyres inflated to 39 psi on the front and 36 on the back and to be honest I think it felt...
  9. Stride

    super market fuel!

    I read somewhere that Tesco momentum 99 is a not a true 99 RON but a 5% bioethanol blend which is how it achieves the 99 RON status. I just filled my S3 with momentum last night fOr the first time and I thought it seemed a bit sluggish but it might just be my imagination.
  10. Stride

    A6/S6/Allroad (C7 Chassis) pics thread

    Here's some pics of my lovely a6 it.
  11. Stride

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    This my new S3 Sportback in Sepang Blue. I haven't owned an S3 for 5 years and its been about as long since I was on the forum. Great to be back and have an S3 again too......
  12. Stride

    IMPORTANT ALL READ. Rusting bottom of doors, when will it be yours?

    Well i went to see my audi dealer today and he did his little test. he reckoned that the paintwork should register at around 120 microns to qualify for repair under the audi anti corrosion warranty. Unfortunately for me one of the panels came in substantially higher than that and it was the one...
  13. Stride

    passeneger side mirror only moves one way

    Yep will do thanks man:o.k:
  14. Stride

    passeneger side mirror only moves one way

    Thanks for the tips. The mirror does move by hand and the motor is working as i can hear it. The switch must be ok because the other mirror works fine in both directions. anyway I will investigate firther.
  15. Stride

    passeneger side mirror only moves one way

    Howdy. My passenger side mirror isnt working properly, it moves up and down, but won't move left or right. Its seems as if there is some kind of connection issue going on in there. Anyone got ay advice before i start tearing the thing apart?:blink: Also, my battery is flat this morning. I was...
  16. Stride

    Xbox 360 Gamertags

    Gamertag: Stride I play Gears of war2 , left 4 dead, nfs undercover, gta 4 and obviously fifa 09:footy::s3addict:. I'm partial to rock band as well:thrashi:
  17. Stride

    chrome wing mirrors for my S#?

    Hi I am looking for a set of chrome wing mirrors for my S3 any advice?
  18. Stride

    Christiano Ronaldo

    I am a United supporter and I agree that Ronaldo is a diver and an actor, he is lazy defensively and is an arrogant little twat. But if I was idolised by millions of people as he is ethen i couldn't say that i would be able to keep my feet on the ground. The other side of the coin is that he is...
  19. Stride

    IMPORTANT ALL READ. Rusting bottom of doors, when will it be yours?

    hi guys. I have just recently discovered the same problem with my S3. I called my local audi bodyshop and the guy was desperate to fob me off saying that it sounds like a respray and unless the perforation was right through the plate it wouldn't qualify, nor would it qualify if it was deemed to...
  20. Stride

    s3 owner says hi!

    Thanks for the welcome lads and the advice.:hi: