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    Air con issue

    Hey there. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the normal pressure of the refrigerant in the air con system should be mine is not very cold and it’s reading around 5 bar (72psi approx.) Any help here would be appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rear disc change

    Just a quick question regarding removal of the rear carrier on a 07 8PA. Is the carrier secured using 2 M14 multi spline cap bolts? Or is it a special multi spline that is required? Many thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Connector identification

    Hi there while trying to fault find issues on my front wheel drive BMN iv came across this black connector with the ID 940 I believe this is a standard item as the orange connector is ID 925 (exhaust temp sensor) is also standard and these are the only 2 of the sensors that control the fault...
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    Heater issues (again)

    Hi guys just had my car scanned and although no faults show up with the HVaC system I’m getting no heat in the cab. Guy that scanned the car who was pretty good and knowledgeable reckons it maybe the heater resistor but I thought that knot controlled the speed of the blowers? Am I wrong or is...
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    Heating issues.

    Hi guys once again I need some help/advice. My pd170 Heater doesn’t want to heat up the car. At best I get only half warm air into the cab and thts when engine temp gauge is in mid position. Iv noticed it also seems to take an age to warm up to around 75deg after tht it seems to be fine but...
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    CAI for diesel

    Hi all I’m looking to install a cold air intake on my pd170 sportback. I’m having trouble finding decent kits. Does anyone in here have a CAI installed in There diesel and do you have any links or info that may help me. Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lambda sensor

    Hi all I changed my lambda sensor the other day due to the DPF issue and after installation I managed to clear issues with DPF and get a passive regen done but my engine light is in and won’t clear codes are p0130 and p0135 both attributed to the lambda circuit could could the probe be faulty or...
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    Heater issues.

    Hey there iv got only cold air blowing through the cabin even when on high. The motors are all working you can hear them all changing over when selected. I’ve removed the coolant hoses from the matrix and flushed through, there was a fair bit of sludge come out. But still only blowing cold air...
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    DPi light. Again

    Well it’s another Friday and once again my DPF light has came on. I’ve driven to and from Aberdeen today (200 miles) at motorway speeds. Around 20 mins before are the msg Home my car wouldn’t rev past 3k like it hit a limiter there was a fair amount of blue smoke as well. Put the boot down and...
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    Just a few questions

    Hey guys I got a few Questions to ask and since you have not let me down yet ur def the best to ask. I got a low oil level light come on in my car at the weekend, oil checked and was low so topped up with 1litre easy enough. Light still on is this normal? the level Is now just shy of the max...
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    How much is my car worth

    Ok fellas. Looking to upgrade the motor to a newer model. I have a 56 8p pd170 sline 107k full history with receipts and recent work done includes clutch and flywheel. Has double din upgrade but still have original. How much would/should I be selling this for all help and comments appreciated...
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    Clutch issue

    Recently my clutch has been intermittently slipping on my A3 2.0tdi manual. Iv been told I need to have the clutch replaced which is fine but in looking through my service history iv came across work receipts that detail replacement clutch and fly wheel only 11000 miles ago although it was 2...
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    Clutch slipping

    Hey there guys can anyone recommend a garage in central/east Scotland to get a clutch changed mine started slipping the other day and is slowly getting worse. Any info here is greatly appreciated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi there quick question. I own a pd170 (8p) is there a pd190 got chatting with someone in KFC the other day and he was talking about his being standard 190. I don't know enough about these to say if he was accurate or not. Also if they are around what's the difference between the pd170 and190...
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    Double din upgrade.

    Hi all almost got all parts together for this upgrade. 1 question is it part no 8p0820043k the required climate unit for this upgrade on a 2006 a3?
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    steering wheel controls.

    Hi all, im about to upgrade my single din radio with a double din inc reversing camera and thought if it was possible id look into installing a steering wheel with controls on it as mine doesn't have any. is the correct wire harness for this installed already and would it just plug and play or...
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    Where can I get myself the VAG code reader everyone uses?
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    Double din install

    hi there all sorry for this question I'm sure it has been covered a few times now. I'm looking to donthe double dinninstalk from a single din. Also it's a prefacelift 8p. Can anyone tell me the climate control unit part number for the double din on the preface lift? Thanks in advance for any...
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    My A3 sportback.

    Hi all new to this forum. I bought my A3 beginning of march. I love it. It drives superb looks superb everything just superb even tho iv has a few issues with it I still love it and can't wait to get it perfect and as I want it. I'm currently collecting all the items necessary to complete a...