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    Order Delay

    I’d be interested in people’s views on my situation..... I agreed a lease deal on a 1.4tfsi A5 Sportback S Line back in April, with delivery due 1st week of September. I found out today that the car doesn’t even have a build slot yet, and the dealer is now estimating November or December for...
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    Front Parking Sensors

    Just noticed that my A4 Avant S Line doesn't have any front Parking sensors?!? Can anyone confirm if they are meant to come as standard on s line trim? I've got rear ones, but no front. Really confused as i was sure I read that it comes as standard?
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    Auto-Tilting Mirrors during Reverse

    Just taken delivery of my new A4 Avant. Totally loving it, but missing my wing mirrors tilting downwards when I select reverse gear (didn't realise it wasn't standard)... Does anyone know if this can be retrofitted for reasonable cost? Cheers in advance!