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  1. Amarshall

    Who's the best for a remap on AGU

    Always a joker in the mix :)
  2. Amarshall

    Who's the best for a remap on AGU

    R-tech really the daddy's then? I may have to change my plans!
  3. Amarshall

    A3 s3 rear bumper needed

    Only ever seen 2 in the last 6months come up on eBay in Ming blue and they both went rapid (quite rare on s3's), if I was you I'd just buy one and get it sprayed. That's what I did with mine :)
  4. Amarshall

    Post footers

    Hello, Might be being slightly retarded here but how do you get classifieds,links etc at the bottom of posts? Most people have then linked in on there post and frankly i'm slightly jealous :) Cheers Adam
  5. Amarshall

    S3 clocks on an agu please

    Cheers reesy, will do.
  6. Amarshall

    S3 clocks on an agu please

    Think it's possible to just replace the DIS?
  7. Amarshall

    S3 clocks on an agu please

    Yeah, best "powwahh this is awesome!!!" upgrade i've done so far. I guess when it's mapped with the ko3s with a few other bits (just exhaust/cat to do now really) It'll be a beauty!
  8. Amarshall

    S3 clocks on an agu please

    The garage got them in (PSI tuning by the way) Worked fine, analogue ones, digital ones were a no go. But after a few minutes the immo kicked in. I'm sure the lads there could do it as I know there very well thought of in the VAG world but they gave up. Was a late Saturday afternoon close to...
  9. Amarshall

    S3 clocks on an agu please

    Ahh that might be a problem then...1998 is my year so that might explain the issue they had with the immo on the s3 clocks they fitted. Is there a way on vagcom to reprogram it or ecu swop? Would I have to find a later agu ecu if I went down that route....cheers for the info
  10. Amarshall

    S3 clocks on an agu please

    Quick question, can I swap my clocks for a nice set of s3 or Cupra r ones? Had it in the garage the other day but said the immobiliser would be an issue....any thoughts?
  11. Amarshall

    Did all pre facelift A3's have front fogs?

    You ever get round to finishing this Tom? Doing a similar thing with mine atm....
  12. Amarshall

    S3 8l bumper guild rails

    Hi mate, Just after these for fitting front and rear s3 bumpers. Could you check and confirm(if I need anything else?)/send me a price and I'll pop in and collect. Cheers Adam Left P/N � 8L9807183A Right: P/N - 8L9807184A Price: Left P/N � 8L9807377CD right P/N � 8L9807378CD
  13. Amarshall

    My cars progress

    Can't seem to find these on ebay mate, any chance you could post/pm me the link? Also how did you wire your fog lights up from the s3 bumper? Currently doing this to mine at the moment but not got round to the lights yet!
  14. Amarshall

    KO3-053....quick question

    That's Brilliant! Thought that might be the case. Thanks very much :)
  15. Amarshall

    KO3-053....quick question

    hi there, Just a quick question about this.... are the 053 type just mapped to 150bhp and apart from that there the same as the other K03s's or is it the actuator that's different? Cheers
  16. Amarshall

    A3 AGU upgrade/build thread

    Hello all, So i've been reading up on various forums about what people have done with there A3's and it's made me want to get more out of mine so here's my progress,thoughts and general takes on things so far. I've had my A3 for 4 months now after taking it in a swap for my Alfa 156 (Never...