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  1. stu3.0

    battery not charging.

    hello.can anybody help my alternator is not charging my battery but must be working as its running the car. tester on the battery says not charging but a plug in tester inside car says all is working fine.. the battery charges up in the house then goes dead on the car as the alternator dosent...
  2. stu3.0

    help please.

    does anybody have any photos of the a4 b6 3.0 ecu wires. from the box under bonnet to the inside of car. and any pics of the wires coming of the back of the fuse box. thanks for any help you can give.
  3. stu3.0

    handbrake stuck on.

    ive just replaced rear pads audi a4 quattro 3.0 and now the handbrake wont release. can anybody help. thanks..
  4. stu3.0

    change alarm remote frequency.

    does anybody know how I can change the frequency of my alarm fob. or will I need new fob, ignition barrel , ecu and dash. surely an easier way ? thanks..
  5. stu3.0

    hello. need bit of advice. audi a4 3.0 my fuse box dosnt match up to my panel sticker.

    has anybody else found their fuses dont match up to the sticker on panel.also can anybody tell me what the torpedo shaped thing is in amongst the wires ? fan decided not to com on so checked fuse but there wasnt 1 in the slot so had to quick search through whole thing found blown...
  6. stu3.0

    My Car.

    this is my a4 3.0 v6.with the missing part !! 02 reg.
  7. stu3.0

    Round Thing !!

    hello. need to know what the round cylinder is under the plastic cover near power steering bottle. thanks. (pic attached)
  8. stu3.0

    new guy !

    jus sayin "orite hello".