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  1. JDM82

    Had new A5 spoiler painted and.....

    I’m not sure what to do....... I bought a genuine A5 boot spoiler from Audi. It came primed ready to paint. A bodyshop near to were I work quoted me £75 to paint. It seemed too cheap but the place has good reviews on google so I had it done. I collected the spoiler today and it looked ok until...
  2. JDM82

    Bird box

    I’ve gotta recommend watching bird box starring Sandra Bullock. Excellent thriller. On Netflix at the moment.
  3. JDM82

    I’m sorry if it’s a daft question but.....

    I’ve bought some genuine Audi 19” alloys to replace my current 18” alloys and need to know if the bolts will be ok? Or will I require longer bolts? Thanks in advance
  4. JDM82

    Bringing products in for the winter

    I’ve just boxed all my bottles up and brought them into the house for the winter. Anyone else do this? I lost quite a few products to the cold last year and learnt from it.
  5. JDM82

    Vibrating noise coming from drivers door

    Ive noticed a vibrating noise coming from the drivers door. It’s constant but worse if I turn up the volume on the radio. I don’t think it’s speaker related. It seems to come from near the led alarm light is. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue and if there’s something I should be doing...
  6. JDM82

    Will TPS still work with BBS alloys

    Im looking at a set of 20” BBS alloys for my 2015 A5 coupe and I’d like to know if my tyre pressure sensor will still function or will it cause issues. Thanks in advance.
  7. JDM82

    Fitting a dead pedal

    Has anyone fitted the ally dead pedal and could give me an idea how to go about it. The location of any fitting tabs or bolts etc would be very helpful and appreciated
  8. JDM82

    Rings badge placement on boot lid

    Hey guys, When I bought my A5 it had been debaged including the 4 rings for some reason. I’ve bought a new genuine badge to replace it but no matter where I position it, there’s a gap. Could someone do me a kindness and measure there badge placement. Or if someone knows of the Audi diagram...
  9. JDM82

    Genuine Audi led interior upgrade goes dim

    I got the Audi led kit for half price, still a rip off if you price the bulbs individually mind but I’m a sucker for genuine accessories so...... Anyway, fitted the bulbs into the main light and the reading lights. All work fine when you enter or leave the car etc. It’s when the engines off and...
  10. JDM82

    What type of service do i need

    Ive just bought a 65 plate A5 with 16500 miles and I think, full service history. The service due indicator came on today, service due is 29 days but I have no idea what service it is? I’m hoping an interum service? Surely not a major service at such low miles. Any help or information would be...
  11. JDM82

    Service history

    Should I have a stamped service history booklet or is the service history stored online in ”Myaudi”? My A5 is a 2015 65 plate. I have registered on myaudi but cannot seem to find a service history tab. On my previous car, a Mercedes, it was all stored online which is what makes me think it’ll...
  12. JDM82

    Fan comes on......

    Hey guys, I’ve just purchased a 2015 A5 2.0 tdi. Only had a few days, really pleased with it but I’m a little concerned on how quick the cooling fan comes on. I’ve literally just popped to the shop, 5 minutes drive, didn’t go fast or anything, came home and turned the car off and the fan came...
  13. JDM82

    A help with pricing a few parts please.

    OK guys so the audi went today. I wasn't too happy but that BLB engine had me concerned. Anyway, I'm left with a few original parts and I was hoping you could help me price them to sell. I know your probably sick of posts like this but I'd be grateful if you would help :sorry: OK, I have :-...
  14. JDM82

    Leaving the Audi scene, thanks for all the help.

    Well after having VAG cars for a number of years Im moving onto a ford. Or should I say Im moving down to a ford :blush: Anyway I pick up my 2007 focus ST-3 on saturday and I just wanted to say a BIG thankyou to all you guys for all the help and advice over the past few years. Thanks again.
  15. JDM82

    Re-setting service reminder on A4

    I could always turn off the service reminder on my golf by doing a sequence on the dials stork thingy. Is it the same on the Audi? Or do I have to plug it in to a VAGCOM and wipe it like that?
  16. JDM82

    Will CAT D effect my insurance?

    Im looking at buying a car that has insurance notified CAT D. The damage was an electrical fault in the interior which damaged the seats etc. The damage has been repaired. The salesman has assured me that CAT D wont increase my quote etc but Im unsure. I can't really do 2 quotes, one...
  17. JDM82

    Cherished plate info needed

    OK so I currently have a private plate on my car. Im planning on selling my car but not with the plate. Im thinking I need to get the plate off the car and on to a certificate? That costs £105 doesn't it? Then when I've sold me car and purchased a new car do I then have to pay another £105 to...
  18. JDM82

    Thinking of getting a BMW X5 sport diesel, any owners?

    Im thinking of selling the A4 and going for a X5. I'd be looking at a 3.0d sport, I know there not great on fuel but I never hardly use my car so it wont effect me that much. Just looking if there's any owners on here, current or previous with any suggestions, comments or things to look out for.
  19. JDM82

    Coloured products for light coloured cars?

    OK this might be a stupid post but Im finding it difficult to see where I've applied product on my liquid blue A4. Liquid blue is the very light baby blue colour. I applied meg's liquid wax with my DA and I couldn't see if I missed any cause the product is almost clear and doesn't show up on...
  20. JDM82

    "Side lights" light on dash not coming on?

    OK guys, not sure if it ever did to be honest but I noticed this evening that the green "side light" light on my dash to tell you there on doesn't come on. The side lights are on just the dash lights don't show it. All the dial lights, interior bits and bobs ie the window switches, the buttons...