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    Heated seat (cheap option) B6 Cab

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had retro fitted one of the cheap amazon heated seats to their A4 Cab? Link below, hopefully working? They appear to slide into the seat under the leather covering, and I guess they can be attached to the wiring under the seat for power? I wouldn't expect to...
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    Cabriolet window problem

    So am I right in saying that a snapped window regulator cable wouldn't allow the glass to just slide up and down like mine is doing?
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    Cabriolet window problem

    Hi kite, thanks, would this mean I need a full new regulator or is there a cheap fix?
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    Cabriolet window problem

    Hi all, please help! Wound the passenger front window down today and heard a "clunk", after which the window wouldn't go back up! Managed to lift the window back to the top by hand, but it keeps dropping again, and if someone wanted to get into the car, they could just push the window down! I...
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    new to Audi A4 cab and small issues

    Yes plastic cap is just behind the light, different to the saloon. You honestly can't go wrong
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    new to Audi A4 cab and small issues

    Love the interior, had the same on my old 05 s line, which incidentally didn't have s line sill plates either! rear tail light dead easy. Open boot, locate plastic stopper (about 5cm in diameter) and twist off. Inside you'll see a normal Phillips screw, unscrew it but be careful you don't drop...
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    Radio Signal Tips...

    I've got the same problem, has anyone got an easy fix? What about the universal radio aerials that you stick to your windscreen? Any good?
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    RS4 ARB fitted to 2002 A4 1.8T last week - wow!

    Does this fit the A4 cab too? Does it give the same marked improvement as on the saloon/avant?
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    Running temperature 1.8t

    Heat from the blowers? Not sure, seem to get heat through the blowers fairly quickly I think, probably within 5 minutes of setting off
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    Is 25mpg normal for a 2.0 sport?

    My old 3.0v6 cab 2wd used to average 25, so you're doing well getting 30! I average 33 in my 1.8t 2wd cab, so I would think your 2.0 is a little on the low side
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    Running temperature 1.8t

    Bez - can't remember anyone in particular, just that the general consensus was there was nothing wrong because my mpg wasn't too bad. it was only when I was on the motorway this week that I thought "there's no way that's right!". It fell away from 90 after being there for at least 20 minutes. So...
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    Running temperature 1.8t

    Hi all, I made a post a couple of months ago about the temperature gauge on my 1.8t cab doing funny things, but at the time I accepted people's advice that it might be ok, but I'm still not convinced. First thing in the morning, the gauge gets to 90 after about 15 minutes/8 miles on the way to...
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    How to fit your RS4 rear anti roll bar (rarb)

    Do you need to replace the drop links when you do this? Looking at a refresh of my suspension shortly so will look to do this at the same time (seems to be universally accepted as the best modification on ASN!). Daft question probably, but are there drop links at the front too?
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    Cabriolet window switch

    Thanks for the help! Rudedaubin, would I get the contact cleaner from halfords or is there somewhere else I should be looking?
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    Cabriolet window switch

    Hi all, another day, another problem! noticed today that the switch for the rear passenger window doesn't seem to do anything when pressed. On a cabriolet you have a bank of 5 switches on the driver door; driver window, from passenger window, rear driver side window, rear passenger side window...
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    Worn buttons!

    Stu_m - they look good so far! Link is in the 'tidying up radio/aircon' thread started by me a week or so ago but still running. The seller is on eBay.
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    Looking to Buy a B6 or a B7 Cabriolet - Help Please!?

    Have you considered the 1.8t petrol, or are you dead set on diesel? Bearing in mind that petrol's 8p/litre cheaper at the minute, and I think servicing works out cheaper too, plus less chance of big-cost repairs, no need to blank EGR etc. i average about 33mpg from my B6 1.8t, mainly from...
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    Key fob will not lock or unlock

    Inertia, I tried doing exactly what you describe in your first post, but when I press the unlock button on the (non working) key, there is no light flash. Am I missing something obvious?
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    Airbag Help! Not the Usual!

    Might be a stupid suggestion, but could you not get a used seat for less money than the replacement airbag?
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    Tidying up radio/aircon

    Hi stu, did the stickers arrive? Do they look any good?