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  1. rob0904

    3dr rear bumper on to a 5dr?

    Does the 3dr rear bumper fit a 5dr? Are they the same? Any help would be good. Thanks
  2. rob0904

    water pump is leaking!

    Yeah, I know was on my things to do this year just not this early in the year. Judt having the spare money to do it :-( Rob
  3. rob0904

    water pump is leaking!

    Hi, ive got a tdi and the water pump has decided it wants to leak and big style. Does any one know of a good place to get it replaced in stoke on trent? Other than psi and audi haha Rob
  4. rob0904

    Tt suspension on 2wd A3

    Anyone using TT suspension on their A3? Is there any benefit for running it over standard Se suspension? Rob
  5. rob0904

    leon cupra tdi cat back on your A3

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has managed to get the tdi cupra exhaust to fit an A3 to get the tailpipes showing without have a custom made exhaust? Rob
  6. rob0904

    rear bumpers are 3 and 5 dr ones different?

    Just what I wanted to hear thanks Rob
  7. rob0904

    rear bumpers are 3 and 5 dr ones different?

    Hi, as title really I need a reolacement bumper on my new a3 but are 3 and 5 dr rear bumper different? Any help would be great. Thanks Rob
  8. rob0904

    What have you done today?

    Hi, not what ive started today but what ive basically finished today. Got hold of a tdi 5dr with full leathers but a seized engine. How it had sat for 6 months. first day of owning it and straight after 12 hour night shoft. next day while I had a few hours spare. bought a complete...
  9. rob0904

    removing rear window frame guide?

    Hi, i need to replace the rear drivers side door window as its been smashed. does anyone know of a guide for me to have a look thru as I cant find much that helps. Rob
  10. rob0904

    replacing tdi engine

    Yeah I've done a vr conversion into a 1.3 mk2 so not to bad with the tools. Just a bit more involved with a tdi. Fingers crossed I can get a deal sorted soon. Rob
  11. rob0904

    replacing tdi engine

    Hi, still negotiating a price for the car. Its scrap really well to the owner that is, but seem to think it's still worth a lot. Been pricing up another engine which aren't cheap even for a bare one. Pretty good around a car, anyone have a rough time it would take to get the engine out? Dont...
  12. rob0904

    replacing tdi engine

    That's what I thought and hoped. some dervs have coded pumps and injectors I think which worried me more than the actual swap. Rob
  13. rob0904

    replacing tdi engine

    Hi, might have a chance to get an a3 with a seized engine. Does anyone know of a good guide knocking around on the web. Is there going to be any issues with replacing the engine or will it be plug band play as such? Any help would be great Rob