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    I think I need a VWSN ( forum....

    Ooo... Very good choice! Such an unmistakable car. I pick a new transporter up today, so you won't be the only person in the VW section.
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    what can i do to my 2.0 tdi to make it sound a bit better?

    Cone filter? Think messing with exhaust will make it sound like a tractor!
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    Stealer Wheel alignment print out - your thoughs - PS i paid £165 for this RESULT

    My dealer quoted around the same to align my old 8L S3. I ended up speaking to one of their tech's who told me who they used to do all there alignment work, and went directly to them, virtually cutting the bill in half. Rear camber is way out, not sure what adjustment there is for that. Is it a...
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    Shotgun shell wheel nut covers.......Testing the water

    When you say you made them, you removed the plastic bit and blu-tac'd them on? Not sure if it is going to make you rich
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    Iv had some really cheap quotes from Aviva recently. I too would go for the 2.0 140. It's a good inbetweener!
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    Merry Christmas. Look what i found

    I'm liking it! Very understated. Reminds me alot of the 8L actually. Never been much of a fan of the 8P s3s
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    2.0 TDI seems sluggish

    No that's the waste gate you can hear, diesels don't have a DV because they have no throttle flap to create a differential in pressure
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    2.0 TDI seems sluggish

    Should be a bit pokier than you describe. First thing would be to get it on VCDS and check for any faults. Else it's just a guessing game
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    Tyre of choice these days? any brand or type standing out?

    to be honest if you stick with a branded tyre you can go far wrong. Michelin PS3's are ment to be the daddy though.. You do get some decent lesser well known tyres. Iv always used this site for reviews and price guides Tyres Online – tyres, tyre, cheap tyres, new tyres online, car tyres UK
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    Cheap genuine ipod adapter

    Well I was looking at a dension Pro BT, which would use the steering wheel controls for phone. The car has had something like that in the past as it has a mic fitted. Think il give the genuine unit a miss. Will look into the parrot. Thanks
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    Cheap genuine ipod adapter

    Anybody with etka?
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    Cheap genuine ipod adapter

    Hi all, Been considering getting ipod/iphone connectivity in my car. It has a symphony gen II but I'm sick of CDs. Spotted this on ebay, seems to be too cheap for a genuine unit: GENUINE AUDI IPOD ADAPTER, P/N: 8E0051444A, A2,A3,A4,A6,A8,TT, NEW, 99 08 | eBay Any thoughts, would it be the...
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    New to the Audi world advice needed ASAP

    I wouldn't worry about the DPF providing you are doing long enough journeys to let it regenerate. You can always get it deleted and remapped, but this costs. You can buy some models that don't have a DPF, but they tend to be the 140s. Sline trim is what really pushes budgets, I couldnt bring...
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    How can you verify an A3 is an S-Line (2004-2007) - Any facelift differences?

    Interesting that it says its had a new throttle body... I went for an SE with decent extras, much more comfy than the sline suspension and they go for 1-2k cheaper for the equivalent age and mileage. There much be a code in the boot or handbook that symbolises the trim level that you could check
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    Audi A3 1.9 vs 2.0 for fuel economy (around 2004-2006)

    That's pretty poor for a 1.9, I used to have to rag my old one to get that kind of consumption
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    Audi A3 1.9 vs 2.0 for fuel economy (around 2004-2006)

    Was having this conversation with a dealer the other day... If its economy you're after, definitely go for the 1.9! The 2.0 isn't as good on fuel for sure. I reckon my old 1.9 was at least 15% better on fuel and it was bulletproof!
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    DIS MPG read-out behaviour suddenly changed..?

    Like said, trip 1 resets after a trip, trip 2 won't reset itself.
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    You are all to blame....

    Lol. I was the same with my 8L S3, hence when I changed, I changed to a diesel. 4 months on and it's still standard!
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    187BHP 2.0TDI Engine?

    Mine came up wrong when I bought mine also. Database error, had it a few times on different cars and vans... It really doesn't work very well!
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    to buy an A3 or S3?

    Lol I love this figure, 20k... But that's such a conditional figure it's unreal. That's more than likely based on new price, and doesn't take into consideration how much the car is worth at the end of its lifetime. I think the actual non biased figure is around 11k. Try a few, you might prefer...